Scam or score? The Chant uncovers the best in online shopping


Rachel Maxwell

Sophomore Natalia Duron ordered the “youth” cap from soaesthetic back in August. “The hat is good quality and I don’t regret ordering it, although shipping took forever,” Duron said.

Rachel Maxwell, Reporter, Photographer

In the fashion world today, people obsess over aesthetics. High-end brands take advantage of a consumer’s willingness to pay,  just to fit in with the seemingly unavoidable trends, but multiple online retailers offer affordable versions of ridiculously-priced clothes. Still, do online stores have consumers’ best interest in mind?

Internet retailers such as Kokopie, Lovevol, and So aesthetic always trend on social media like Instagram and tumblr. People obsess over buying overpriced clothes at affordable prices, but reviews for the websites do not showcase the best reputation. People slam the retailers, calling them scams and claiming they do not actually send the products on their site, either in a timely manner or at all.

Stores like these do not run independently, but ship their merchandise from Chinese manufacturers. Since their products ship from Asia, products leave the factory at different times with sporadic delivery; one item ordered may arrive weeks before the other products ordered.   

Although consumers shame some online stores for providing horrible service, other independent shops garner better reviews, including OCEAN, which ships from the United Kingdom. Shipping worldwide takes 7 to 14 workdays, but reviewers find the will to wait because of the affordable prices and open return policy.

For consumers question independent companies, popular chains also provide online options. For example, Forever 21’s clothing stays at affordable prices, with t-shirts ranging from $8 to $20.

Although online stores might seem more affordable with trendy clothing items, using these websites spark danger. Make sure to check reviews of the website before ordering and prepare for a long wait and a possible scam. When in doubt, trust chains over independents ten times out of ten.