Reeling in the bass fishing team

The team explores on a boat, looking for bass to fish.

Courtesy of the Bass Fishing Team

The team explores on a boat, looking for bass to fish.

Tara Anastasoff, Reporter, Photographer

The new Bass Fishing Team club, advised by math teacher Natalie Hise, attends fishing tournaments and shares tips and tricks about their hobby, meeting every second Tuesday of the month in Hise’s room 3060, in the Deal building.

“We’re just a bunch of guys who like fishing and wanted to do something with it in the school,” President of the club and sophomore Nick Danielski said.

Danielski brought up the idea for a fishing team to Hise when she suggested he join her husband’s fishing team, to which he responded, “Can we start one here?” They brought up the idea to Principal Horton, and upon his approval, she happily complied as the team’s faculty adviser.

Hise and her husband both enjoy fishing; and although she only recently began fishing, her husband, Allan Hise, remains a pro. While only beginning to fish within the past two years, the water remains a long-loved place for her.

“I like being on the water. I grew up on the water as a skier, but after a few hours [of fishing], I prefer to sit down and read a book than fish,” Hise said.

All six members of the team bubble with enthusiasm about fishing and look forward to “hooking” others into their club. Many of the members possess a long-time love for the sport, thanks to their fishing family members.

“My granddad used to be a pro fisher, so it’s something my family has always done,” senior Mason Jeans said.

The fishing team also hosts guest speakers, such as Hise’s husband. A tournament fisher himself, he shares fishing pointers, what to fish, and how to fish at Lake Lanier.

Lake Lanier offers calm waters and bass for the team to enjoy, including both large and smallmouth types, and spotted bass. On fishing trips, members bond with each other over their fresh catches.

Scheduled for March 19, the team’s upcoming fishing outing excites its members.

“It’s gonna take a lot more work, I think we got a little cocky after the first tournament, so we’re definitely gonna practice more before the March tournament,” Jeans said.

At their first tournament held on October 30, the three teams placed 11th, 15th, and 31st out of 110 competitors. All five of their competitions take place at Lake Lanier, where they compete with other teams across the state in hopes of attending nationals.

While the team currently does not accept any new participants, as the point system just recently began, they welcome people to join the club and listen to the fishing tips offered, as well as join the team next year.

In the club, speakers offer attendees fishing advice, but on the team, members venture out on fishing tournaments and play for points with the goal of becoming national champions kept fresh in their minds. Information about the team, photos, and a list of the upcoming tournaments reside on their website.