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Taylor Teli

Flexed up

Taylor Teli, Photographer
October 26, 2017
The U.S army sent representatives to NC during to inform students about their options. “We just give them basic information of what the Army offers,” army representative Colon said. Interested students can also set up appointments for further information.

The Army still wants YOU!

Natalia Alvarez, Photographer, Reporter
October 19, 2017
Representatives from the U.S. Army Reserve stopped by during third period to ask students about the next stage in their lives and to consider the reserve. Sergeant Davina M. Jones said, “Most people don’t know that joining the reserves can help you pay for college. You get to go to the college of your choice nearly for free, all it requires is a few weeks of basic training.” Visit them in the cafeteria during lunch.

The Army Wants YOU

Nadya Awino, Photo editor, Photographer
August 10, 2017
Sophomore Chris Deters completes pullups at a Marine promotion in the cafeteria. The Marines present had set up a raised bar for students to perorm bar excerises for certain prizes. The rewards include a Marines car sticker, a Marines poster, a keychain, and a water bottle. For completing 21 pullups, Deters was awarded a water bottle proclaiming, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

No pain, no gain

August 21, 2015
Petty Officer Kelly Brantley talks to juniors Kayla Augustine and Josh Wright about their possible future in the United States Navy. Tarleshia Jean Pierre: “Why did you decide to be a recruiter?”
Brantley: “The navy did a lot for me, the education, [the financial help]... [it has] various benefits―I wanted to share that with others.”


March 10, 2015
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