Magnet open house welcomes in prospective students


Morgan Brown

Leadership council gathers to discuss the trials and tribulations that come along with being a Magnet student, as well as talk to parents about their concerns for high school. Students talked about their own passions and how NC will fit their passions. “I like talking to the middle schoolers because they come for social studies and I can tell they’re interested,” junior Chesley Lucas said.

Morgan Brown, Reporter, Photographer

On Tuesday, October 24, the Magnet open house welcomed in prospective Magnet students from all over Cobb County to see if NC fits all of their wants, needs, and expectations for high school. NC’s specialty of international studies gives it a unique appeal, bringing in an abundance of eighth graders and their eager parents to the program.

“I love being able to share my passion for social studies with students and seeing it come to life,” AP macroeconomics teacher Dr. Roach said.

Clubs, sports, and career classes set up presentations in front of the cafeteria and in the freshman ID lab to recruit students and encourage them to come to NC for not only academics, but for the interesting clubs and activities NC caters to. Students from all grades banded together, impressing even the most skeptical of parents with smiling student helpers in every room.

Morgan Brown
The marching band came out to fill the air with NC’s fight song. Students came together after a long day of practice to play once again for possible students. Laughing and playing their hearts out, marching band brought about an upbeat mood to the open house. “Students make me laugh, that’s why I love teaching,” AP macroeconomics teacher Dr. Roach said.

“The best part [of open house] is explaining new things and new programs that they  can be a part of no matter where they go [to school] in Cobb County,” junior Spencer Paige said.

David Stephenson, assistant principal of NC and major head of the Magnet program, spoke in front of the crowds of students and parents about the difficult yet rewarding aspects of Magnet and future expectations.

The upcoming ninth graders will submit their applications within the next couple of months and must make a decision regarding which high school they will attend in early spring of 2018. Some students attend all of the open houses to get a feel for every Magnet program in the county.

NC students took on the role of leaders, guides, and helpers for the open house.

“I’ve been preparing for this for a week. Me and Juliana put this [Model UN room] together last week and made a whole plan for today,” Paige said.

Morgan Brown
Clubs such as NC’s Model United Nations (UN) set up rooms to encourage students to try clubs and future opportunities. Tables faced each other in the room to simulate what the club does in competition and the skills required to serve as a delegate in the real UN.
“We have done open house every year for Model UN and we start with a simulation debate of what Model UN is like and talk about school in general,” junior Spencer Paige said.

Open house allowed the eighth graders a better understanding of high school, and hopefully they remember the experience as an eye-opening one.