Extra, Extra! The Chant switching to gum wrapper print


Tara Anastasoff

Senior Josh Dawson reads the newest issue of The Chant on his Extra gum wrapper. The partnership with the gum company not only provides necessary advertising money for the publication but also provides “bite-size” information for fleeting attention spans.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief

After 49 years as a print newspaper and 7 years online, The Chant will begin printing its articles on recycled Extra brand gum wrappers. Beginning April 31, The Chant will switch from its nchschant.com domain to cater to the ever growing population of sweet tooths in the Kennesaw-Acworth area. The newspaper, which reaches six to ten thousand viewers per month, hopes to expand their viewership and make life just a little bit sweeter.

Primarily filled with knock knock jokes and puns, the time has come for candy wrappers to reach a more mature audience. As part of the Online to Offline organization, The Chant took a chance and ventured on a candy filled journey to find the next platform to spread their news. After testing out candy cane wrappers, lollipop wrappers, and foiled chocolate wrappers, adviser Lindsay Theaker settled on gum wrappers for the future of The Chant.
“The world of news is always changing, and we want to be pioneers for journalism programs across Georgia. No other high school in the region is doing what we’re doing. We have such a creative team of students, and I’m confident our publication will continue to reach new heights,” Theaker (Sweet T) said.
The new printing process will also make newspapers more portable, hopefully reviving hard-copy print products. With the transition from an online publication to gum wrappers, The Chant hopes that this new platform will help their stories stick with viewers.

April Fool’s, you fools!

XOXO, The Chant