Thanks for the memories: Senior picnic helps send off imminent grads


Isabella Keaton

NC Seniors gather around with friends and enjoy their free period out in the sun. After four years of high school, they finally celebrate hard work paying off.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

Administration congratulated the seniors on the end of their four year journey through high school with a senior picnic outside on the upper field during third period on May 4. Seniors gathered together and celebrated their hard work finally paying off with food, music, and games.

Isabella Keaton
Students enter the field and choose between hamburgers or hotdogs for lunch. Thanks to volunteering parents and friends, the students could lay back and eat a grilled lunch on the upper field.

“It was really nice to be surrounded by all the people I’ve grown up with the past few years. It was a very bittersweet moment seeing all my friends and realizing we’re all about to go our separate ways,” senior Carly Davis said.

While volunteer parents and friends helped administration hand out food to students entering the field, seniors picked their spot in the grass and sat with blankets and towels to enjoy the sunny day.

Students could choose between hotdogs or hamburgers for lunch, while administrator Jackie Turner passed out bottled waters. Despite the absence of ketchup and mustard, the students enjoyed the free period they deserved.

During the picnic, certain students brought extra items such as Enos and chilled by the back gate under the trees, enjoying the shade and the music.

The students also participated in a bean bag toss game that allowed the students move around four different boards and play with friends.

The senior Warriors received this period off to recognize all the hard work they put into senior year. As seniors count down the days until graduation, they plan to finish their senior year strong.

Isabella Keaton
NC Seniors could play the “bean bag toss” on the field in addition to dancing to awesome music and chatting with friends. With four different stations, students alternated turns to play the game.

“I liked that it brought the senior class together like never before, and everyone came together to celebrate graduation and how hard we’ve worked to get to where we are and accomplish all of our goals,” senior Wesley Grant said.