NC students venture out to colleges in Atlanta


Jessica Joachim

Students chat under a tree delighting in the college lifestyle. The group experienced a day in the life of a a college student. “Walking through Georgia Tech’s campus, it was really pretty and cool to see all the students,” Junior Katie Word said.

Jessica Joachim, Photographer

NC’s juniors and seniors journeyed out of the Cobb County School District to explore colleges in Georgia on October 10. Students paid a $45 fee to attend the trip to Georgia College and Georgia State University. The group arrived at NC at 6 a.m in preparations to depart the campus at 6:30 a.m that Wednesday.

The students set out to travel to Georgia College first, but the situation took a turn as administration soon discovered the campus closed from severe hurricane weather. Fortunately, administrators came into contact with former Magnet student, Whitney Miller who attends Georgia Tech and was pleased to help students explore the campus, showing landmarks and favorable hangout areas. She provided an informal tour allowing NC hopefuls to gain a glimpse of the college lifestyle in and around Atlanta.    

“Georgia Tech had a nice campus; I liked it and I liked the tour guide; the trip was really interesting overall,” junior Estefany Perdono said.

Students then traveled to Georgia State University (GSU) where they dined in Patton Hall, taking advantage of the buffet and delicious meals included in their attendance fee.

Jessica Joachim
Students enjoy the countless buffet options in the Patton Hall dining center at Georgia State. “It was located right in the middle of Atlanta and it was such a great location to get experience in whatever field you want to work in,” Junior Katie Word said.

College representatives discussed the majors featured at GSU and opportunities offered on campus. They also spoke on advantages of networking with businesses in Atlanta. The representatives mentioned admissions and the unique environment fostered from living on their college campus.

Jessica Joachim
The GSU tour included viewing famous and popular landmarks on the college campus. Students take part in the Panther traditions as visiting NC students rub the nose of the mascot for good luck in finals.

The group then walked around downtown Atlanta, traveling to locations in and around the campus. Professional tour guides escorted students to the recreation center and movie theater to show off the special advantages GSU offers to students most of whom laughed as the enthusiastic tour guides cracked jokes along the way.

After a long yet informational day, students returned to NC’s campus at about 4:00p.m., thankful for the opportunity to plan for their future.

Jessica Joachim
Students explore buildings throughout Georgia Tech as they enjoy the campus lifestyle. The group learned of the amenities and opportunities the university offers to students.

“I’m a junior, so I’m not sure what college I want to go to yet, and I thought this trip would give me more options. It helped me see what I needed to have in order to go to a certain college,” junior Juliana Charles said.