Most likely to be read by seniors


Rachel Maxwell

With a new year comes new traditions as seniors say goodbye to their beloved quotes. Determined never to let the senior voice die, yearbook staff worked hard to come up with a suitable, fun alternative. “I think the seniors are going to love it. It is different but we have done in the past and students loved it, so we are bringing it back,” principal Matt Moody said.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

Shocked by the loss of their traditional senior quotes, seniors fought for the quotes to return, wishing not to lose their voice in the yearbook. Yearbook staff worked hard to develop a replacement for the iconic quotes, agreeing that students should keep their voices this year.

“[The idea of removing senior quotes] was introduced at a workshop during the summer because a lot of schools are getting rid of senior quotes. We tried to come up with something to replace it, because we do not want to get rid of the senior voice; we want to keep the senior voice,” yearbook adviser Jan Husband said.

Senior superlatives, another graduation tradition, sparked the idea for a quote substitute. Along with the pre-decided categories, which students nominate others for every year, seniors will now come up with their own personal superlative, filling the spot of the usual quote. Seniors could submit their own superlative while voting for the class superlatives that opened October 15.

The yearbook staff attempted incorporating superlatives about five or six years ago, alongside senior quotes. Students took up the idea and came up with a variety of individual superlatives, such as “most likely to become president,” “most likely to fall down the steps,” and “most likely to become a superhero.”

“I like the idea of having our own senior superlative as a replacement to the quote, however, we seniors have been coming up with quotes since freshman year. The superlatives just do not feel like the tradition everyone looks forward to having; the quotes are tradition,” senior Priyanka Patel said.

This will allow students to create a new memory at which they can look back on and laugh. Although students may miss the senior quotes, they have made do with the alternative, coming up with creative superlatives catered perfectly to themselves.