Tyler Perry lays Madea to rest. Hallelu-yer!


Jessica Joachim

Tyler Perry surprised fans once more with his last performance as Madea. The movie touched on issues including domestic violence and watched as Madea and her friends coped with the situation. This recreation mirrors the cover photo of Tyler Perry’s character, Madea, as he hinted at the future of the beloved character.

Jessica Joachim, Reporter, Photographer

Madea will entertain audiences for the last time as the final chapter of Tyler Perry’s character comes to an end in Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral, premiering on March 1.

“Since debuting in 1999, Tyler Perry’s Madea character has appeared in dozens of films, plays, and television appearances. But in 2019, Perry is taking off the makeup and wig once and for all. The filmmaker will do a farewell stage tour and 2019’s ‘Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral’ to say goodbye to his iconic character,” writer for Variety Rachel Yang said.

Perry first brought out Madea in his movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman, released in 2005.

Perry relays messages, typically involving relationships in black families, through his films. In Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral, he presented the issue of domestic violence, which has been displayed in previous movies. The mother in the movie felt financially tied to her abuser, but once he dies, she finds life and happiness beyond her despair.

While Perry pokes fun at black experiences and turns culture into comedy, the issues still hold value in the overall theme of domestic violence in the movie. Unfortunately, the short-lived laughter from the sparse theater could not erase the remnants of the dreadful plot.

Perry rushed the scene about police brutality and failed to recognize the seriousness as the scene consisted of  Madea and her friends cracking jokes.

However, by the end of the movie, Perry managed to gain the attention of viewers in the end with an underlying theme. His movies never fail to incite laughter among those who understand and relate to the struggles.

“Perry has plenty of money and time to explore his options, even if it means cutting ties with his most profitable creation and has already made headway on that front,” Tambay Obenson of Indie Wire said.

As for the future endeavors of Tyler Perry, he will no longer bring out Madea to entertain supporters, and—thankfully enough—for the good of the group. Good-bye, Madea!

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