“Your Creative Heart” paints a new artistic perspective


Courtesy of Your Creative Heart Instagram

Owner of Your Creative Heart art studio Jennifer Peck gives the community an artistic resort to let their creative heart shine freely. The studio invites anyone that holds the motivate to just create and decorate. Creators help customers create a multitude of diverse projects such as home pieces, like signs and other wooden decorations. They also offer kid projects like animal shapes and paints. The art studio allows the individual time to focus on their inner creativity and let loose for a free state of mind.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter/Photographer

An artistic retreat to a studio of paints, woods, and aesthetics, Your Creative Heart calls creative minds to let their imagination thrive. A tiny studio located in downtown Acworth provides the opportunity to create inventive art projects. Your Creative Heart, a full service craft store, grants innovative minds with supplies and guidance to adventure out into the artistic realm and to just create.

Art teacher by day and art mentor by night, Jennifer Peck, opened up Your Creative Heart to guarantee a safe spot that offers a creative vibe and shows people that they hold the ability to create anything they see or that sparks their interest without any limitations.

“My goal is to just have people come in and make something that they feel good about, that they made themselves. Then, it’s in their home and on their door, or they’ve given it as a gift and it just makes them feel good that they actually had that time and talent to make something and have it around,” Peck said.  

Your Creative Heart first opened in the month of February, but originated from another studio called Choxies Craft n’ Crate, located in Kennesaw. Peck closed Choxies Craft n’ Crate in January, and rebranded into Your Creative Heart when she relocated to Acworth.

The essential goal of Your Creative Heart revolves around presenting artwork and inspiring people to develop and make their ideas a reality. People usually enter the studio with an idea in mind, such as a wooden decoration or a painting, and Peck assists the process with supplies and guidance. Peck encourages every person to express their own personal creative touch to each piece.  

Courtesy of Your Creative Heart website

Presented on the Your Creative Heart website, Peck offers a wide range of projects to construct when coming into the session. Ranging from wooden signs, to ceramics, to painting, Peck provides a diverse number of activities to satisfy inventive minds and expand their artistic skills to personalize their piece of art to their heart’s desire.

“I just like to make, and there’s so many people out there that are just afraid to make. I know that there are people that are afraid that they are not creative, and I can show them that they are. They can see something and be intimidated by it, and I’m going to be like ‘No! We got this,’ and I’ll show them the steps. They just think they can’t do it because they might not have it naturally in them. The idea of showing them that [creativity] and them having that smile on their face when they are done is just such a cool feeling. I think that’s what it is, having that art gift to be able to give to someone else is a really big deal,” Peck said.

Your Creative Heart’s demographic tends to revolve around mothers and children. The studio hosts kids birthday parties, where kids put their time to shine and create and just enjoy life freely. In the studio, Peck dedicates one wall for kids artwork that features a range of colors and animal pieces, and the opposite wall displays home decor.  

Peck provides customers with all supplies needed to create, ranging from various sized and colored woods to a spectrum of paints. To put skills into action, she coaches the customer to reach their desired end goal. She helps size wood for decoration and assists with calligraphy, painting, gluing, and mini details. Projects extend from pallet projects, to door hangers, to front porch signs—she makes sure to offer an activity for every person to enjoy.

The studio opens on Friday nights, Saturday mornings and nights, and offers classes throughout the week. Peck hosts different classes throughout the week that focus on skills such as lettering and painting. On the Your Creative Heart website, customers can sign up for a scheduled class on the calendar or schedule any session to work on personal crafts. A typical session for a “Craft Day” or “Craft Night” lasts about two hours and will cost customers $15, and for a specific-focus class, it will cost $35 for a two-hour session.     

Your Creative Heart hopes to reach a wide audience and encourage a multitude of customers to just create and enjoy themselves. With Peck’s strong passion for art, the studio flourishes, adding a much-needed artistic touch to the community.

“It’s your creative heart, it’s about you. My goal is you come in and do what do you need—what’s in your heart—what you desire, and what is your home need. That is the idea, and I want it to be about you,” Peck said.