Giving for Ghana


courtesy of Sarah Tubo

The students excitedly learn with help from their new teaching aids and supplies as they prepare for their newly hopeful future. “Every single child deserves an education, not only in Ghana but in all areas of the world,” Tubo said. As of now, 80 bookbags and hundreds of school supplies and clothing arrive in Ghana.

Elyssa Abbott, Features Editor

Sarah Tubo, a young adult striving to raise the quality of education in less developed countries, recently started an organization that tugs at the heartstrings of those across Cobb County. Tubo dubbed the organization Childlike Faith Foundation, which illustrates her mission, providing school supplies to children in need.

“The project began when I spoke with a coworker who had informed me of the inspiring work that her niece, Ajike, is doing in Ghana. Ajike has started four nursery schools for children in poverty-stricken areas,” Tubo said. 

This area of Ghana lacks access to everyday essentials, such as clean water or public school systems. Building schools became Ajike’s goal, a goal which she funded and supported herself. To raise money, she started a company making African black soap, selling it to people around the world. The soap provides opportunities for women in their communities to provide for their families and pay for children to attend Ajike’s schools. 

 Tubo heard of Ajike’s work and coincidentally received excess school supplies from a Kindergarten teacher at Roberts Elementary School in Dallas, Georgia before hearing of the organization. As the stars aligned, Tubo felt a calling to the children in Ghana pursuing an education. 

“The most inspirational person throughout this process has been Ajike. When I spoke to her, I quickly learned about her goals. I saw that I had access to fulfill the needs that are in Ghana,” Tubo said.

As her interest in the project grew, Tubo quickly realized the abundance of teaching aids and supplies available in Cobb County. Teachers and parents donated book bags, school supplies, and even feminine products to her cause. Days spent gathering items from porches and garages created relationships in the community, and Tubo recognized the number of people who felt a connection to the cause.

School supplies do not come in short supply for numerous schools, students, and teachers in the Cobb area, but Ghana differs in that aspect. Tubo determined that receiving an education feels normal to Americans, but a luxury to Ghanian children. She hopes to provide this luxury to these students. 

The first of the countless goals of Tubo’s upcoming foundation consists of providing children with improved education. She also hopes to acquire a non-profit license and expand to other countries in need. Eventually, Tubo anticipates partnering with schools and companies, such as Mount Paran (the school she attended) and NC. She envisions schools incorporating the non-profit into a club or provide help with fundraisers. 

Childlike Faith Foundation stands out as the only organization in this area that provides supplies to less fortunate schools in Ghana. Within the International Studies Magnet program at NC, James Auld, Magnet coordinator, tries to visit a local school during each trip. On the freshman trip to Costa Rica, Magnet students take a trip to a school that desperately needs teaching aids and books. The 2018 junior trip to the South Pacific encountered a similar story at a school in Fiji. Students in the NC community could donate books or excess supplies to students, and Tubo provides a method of transportation for these items to reach the hands of those eager to learn.

“The great thing about this growing foundation is watching the community come together in such an impactful way. I have always loved to give, and seeing the progress that has been made in three short months has been encouraging and pushing me to want to do more,” Tubo said.

To support Ajike and the Childlike Faith Foundation, follow @ajikesheacentre on Instagram to stay up to date on how to donate supplies or money for shipping purposes for the children of Ghana.