NC sends Woodstock Wolverines back to the woodshed


Haley Kish

The NC Warriors huddle up with head coach Shane Queen to discuss their next play in the first official Varsity football game of the season. The Warriors hope to continue their winning streak this upcoming week against Etowah on August 30.

Haley Kish, Photo Editor

NC kicks off their season with the first official varsity football game against the Woodstock Wolverines on Friday, August 23. In the previous week, NC lost against the Harrison Hoyas in a scrimmage game, but they did not let that defeat bring them down when playing against the Wolverines. The Warriors went into this game with the mentality that they would win and they achieved their goal.

“We were better prepared because we were able to watch our film from the game and before and we were able to evaluate ourselves based on what we did good on and what we needed to work on,” Magnet junior Marcus Parker said.

The first quarter began and number 7, quarterback, junior Trevor Lovett scored the first touchdown within four minutes of the quarter starting the Warriors with a  score of 7-0. Throughout the rest of the quarter, the two teams kept fumbling the ball and did not bring it to the endzone.

Woodstock punted the ball to NC at the beginning of the second quarter and number 26, wide receiver, senior Kendal Drake made a 90-yard touchdown bringing the score to 14-0 within the first 20 seconds of the quarter. Later on, NC fumbled the ball and Woodstock regained possession and later intercepted a pass, however, that did not impact the overall score of the game. 

Halftime began and NC’s marching band started performing and showing off this year’s theme, Thriller Concept, which resembles roller coasters. The Woodstock marching band went shortly after and performed their show for the crowd as well.

The third quarter began and Woodstock’s defense became stronger and prevented NC from scoring a touchdown. With the final two minutes left in the quarter, Lovett scored a 55-yard touchdown making the score 21-0.

In the last quarter, number 1, running back, senior Tommieo Walker, scored a touchdown, but number 92, kicker, junior Ben Moran missed the field goal bringing the score to 27-0. In the final five minutes of the game, fans were on the edge of their seats when NC and Woodstock both scored touchdowns bringing the final score to 34-7. 

NC fans expect great things this year as the Warriors showed their school that losing to Harrison had no impact on their mentality in the next game.