Meeting one of NC’s triathletes 


Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

Senior Lady Warrior Trinity Wilkinson waiting for the start of the game in front of the locker rooms. In her final softball games, she appreciates her teammates and the traditions that will live with her forever.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya, Staff

Student-athletes face packed schedules during their seasons with school, homework, practices, and games as they struggle to stay on top of their obligations. In order to highlight the hard work of NC student-athletes, The Chant talked with senior Trinity Wilkinson on her experience as a student-athlete. Wilkinson participates in NC sports as a triathlete in softball, swim, and basketball. Staying in shape and maintaining stable grades requires time management, and plenty of athletes choose to prioritize their education.  

Wilkinson lives the struggle of handling her demanding schedule and making time for hobbies and friends. Keeping softball and school in high priority, she still makes sure to take time off and spend it with friends she acknowledges that taking this time provides her stability in a very busy lifestyle.  She forfeits time to work on her homework for participation in friendly activities with her peers. Taking a break from her demanding schedule, Wilkinson notes that these moments help her take mental breaks from sports and school. 

“Figuring out time management [is one of the many challenges] student-athletes face; we put in a lot of work outside of sports and still have to handle friends, relationships, school and personal time. Time management is the number one difficulty I have faced in my experience as an athlete playing all these sports. I do make time for friends but that usually comes hand in hand with me doing homework in lunch or something like that, but I think it is very important to take a break from schoolwork and sports and spend time with friends and keep good mental health,” Wilkinson said.

Spending a significant amount of time together creates a strong bond among teammates, and playing any sport comes with the responsibility of respecting teammates. Wilkinson lives by the idea of maintaining a strong team bond, she appreciates that her team values their bond and makes the effort to keep the strongest bond in the region. 

“Team bonding is very important [and] is my favorite part of North Cobb Softball. Having a team of 26 girls together every day from May to October creates drama and you just gotta be there for everybody and try to listen because everyone has different feelings. We go on a team bonding trip every year, one in the summer and one at the beginning of the school year, no other school does that. We are really connected and we know each other well, you get to know people [when you] spend a couple of nights together,” Wilkinson said.  

At the end of their September 10 game, the Warriors took a loss against Hillgrove, and the Lady Warriors kept high spirits after their loss, knowing to enjoy every game they play. The Lady Warriors knew they put their best efforts on the field, even after that loss, they remained encouraged to play to their fullest potential for the rest of the season. Showing their true spirits the Lady Warriors walked proudly off the field, every single player showed pride with their part in the game.

“My last few games I really just want to enjoy and soak up my last couple of weeks as an NC softball player. Losing is never fun and never happy, but if you know that you put all your effort into the game you should be content at least knowing you did everything possible,” Wilkinson said.