North Cobb Warrior is Harvard bound


Lorenzo Alarcon

Harvard-bound NC Magnet senior Chandler Quaile opens his acceptance letter to the prestigious school. What seemed just as impossible as getting a letter to Hogwarts, Quaile proved worthy of earning acceptance into his dream school.

Lorenzo Alarcon, Staff

Harvard University: a prestigious school that only accepts the brightest and hardest working students. A school that seems impossible to reach for most. Except for NC Magnet senior Chandler Quaile, who refused to give up and inspired his fellow students that your dreams can indeed become a reality. 

His humble but confident presence automatically lets people know that he craves only the best for himself, in or out of school. Quaile plans to accomplish similar yet greater things at Harvard, which remained important to him during his time at NC. 

His participation in Politiclub (a group at NC focused on debating contemporary political issues), community building and socialization through clubs and taking part in courses that would sharpen his educational repertoire highlight the high expectations and significant goals set for his future. Alongside these ambitions, he plans to continue organizing in the community and his involvement in activism.

“North Cobb High School, and specifically the magnet program, is one of the greatest schools and programs in the country. At North Cobb, thanks to dedicated teachers and impassioned students, I was able to start Politiclub, work for Stacey Abrams, work with MFOL (March For Our Lives) and other political nonprofits, and have innovative classroom discussions that made me a more intersectional activist,” Quaile said.

Quaile insists that he could not accomplish his goals without the multiple mentors and peers that helped throughout the four years of extensive studying. Multiple teachers acknowledged Quaile’s limitless potential when teaching him.

 “I’m very excited for Chandler. He has done multiple things inside and outside of school to prepare him for the accomplishment. His unique questions that he frequently asked in class differentiated him from others. His research project retained his theme of governmental and popular issues such as a death sentence and the many biases related to it. His attribute of perfectionism I would say increased his stress level, but in the end, his hard work paid off. As a teacher, I can say that he is a very easy student to engage with. He takes constructive criticism well and knows how to fix his errors. I know that his hard-working attitude will serve him well in the future,” AP Research teacher Ms. Jennifer Johnson said.

Quaile continues to inspire a great number of students to work hard and remember that the impossible serves only as an illusion.

 “This school has been one of the greatest parts of my life, and I can say to the school that I am thankful for the opportunities presented to me, I was able to not only achieve and strive for more but get into my dream college,” Quaile said. 

NC and the students who strive for greatness will never forget the impactful milestone Quaile achieved at NC. Quaile reminds everyone to always inspire excellence.

Shout-Out from Quaile: “Shout out to my amazing friends Noemi, Valencia, Adesuwa, Averi, Carsynn, Maddie, and Devyn, and my teachers Coach Auld, Ms. Perozzi, Mr. Bettis, Mrs. Essenburg, Ms. Yeganegi, and Mrs. Theaker for pushing me to be the best student could be and for being integral in my high school success. I could not have gotten in without them.”