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Lorenzo Alarcon

Lorenzo Alarcon, Staff

A passionate musician, Catholic, tennis player, hard-working student, and most importantly gamer, Lorenzo Alarcon steps up to his brother’s name, Esteban Alarcon, by joining the award-winning voice of North Cobb High School: The Chant. Any conversation where astronomy or of course the legendary Neil D. Tyson is involved, Lorenzo will always be there to awkwardly eavesdrop and maybe ruin the conversation by saying a random fact about Tyson including his brilliance in a situation where nobody asked. Ever since jazz has caught Lorenzo’s ear while he played the trumpet, the glorious genre has continued to be his fuel for his imagination and creativity.

Being a proud Colombian, Lorenzo has always been surrounded by happy people, amazing food, a beautiful language, and the shining faith of Catholicism. Catholicism has always given Lorenzo a purpose to use his gifts from God to the zenith of their potential. As second semester turns the corner, you will tend to find Lorenzo spending up to 4 hours on the court training for the upcoming season with his close friend Peyton Stack, an influence to the music industry and a talented tennis player. As a sophomore with currently a 4.3 GPA, Lorenzo works hard to improve his grades with the hopes of becoming accepted to The University of Georgia, colloquially known as UGA or Georgia. At UGA, Lorenzo wishes to preserve his love for tennis on the Club team for UGA.

With all of these plans for the future, there is one essential part of Lorenzo’s life that maintains his lovable personality and a large percentage of his happiness, gaming. Lorenzo was introduced to the unlimited potential of the gaming universe when he picked up his Nintendo DS Lite. From that beginning came his love in unforgettable games such as Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Lego Star Wars, Kirby, and the game that had the greatest effect to his gaming experience, Nintendodogs. After years of gaming, Lorenzo first made contact with the Xbox 360, which expanded the gaming world around him to its greatest lengths. Today Lorenzo enjoys the beautiful and growing universe of gaming by peacefully playing Minecraft on the Xbox One still getting chills down his spine when he finds diamonds.

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Lorenzo Alarcon