Angst Movie night


Jemiah Clemons

Counselors from all over Cobb County came together to help inform students, staff and parents about anxiety disorders that affect young people. Viewers walked to each table set up outside of the auditorium to talk about anxiety and other types of mental health. “The kids will always be our top priority and it’s important that we invest in the future,” NC guidance counselor Michelle Perlin said.

Jemiah Clemons, Staff

NC guidance counselor Michelle Perlin planned and hosted a movie night on February 26 in the Performing Arts Center. The night started off with viewers coming in and talking one-on-one with professionals about mental health and where they can seek help. Nearly 100 people from all over Cobb County came to watch the film and stay for the panel discussion afterward. The documentary, Angst, showcased anxiety, depression and the components of the two. According to the Department of Human Health and Services, (HHS), 10% of teens in Georgia experience a kind of anxiety disorder. 

The hour-long documentary showed real teens with real anxiety disorders as they shared their stories. The film talked about how everyone feels anxiety at one point or another. However, other people may experience severe anxiety with everyday activities. Teenagers, professional psychologists, Michael Phelps and even Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps appeared in the film to talk about their personal experiences and how anxiety affects them. 

“This film will provide the information needed for adults to help their children or students cope with their anxiety. It’s often an issue that’s looked over and can be treated with the correct tools,” Perlin said.

The event highlighted parental support to children with an anxiety disorder and gave special tips and tools to help. Experts in psychology say that holding an ice cube, snapping and even making hand motions can help with anxiety. Following the film, the therapists in attendance held a panel for all of the guests. Attendees left the event knowing more about anxiety and how to help others who struggle.