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Jemiah Clemons
Jemiah Clemons, a junior at NCHS, joined newspaper due to her love for writing. Life as a high school student causes plenty of stress, but newspaper gives her the break and outlet that she desires. Along with writing, Jemiah enjoys watching movies, working out, and napping. When awake, you can catch her doing homework or spending hours upon hours on TikTok. Jemiah has a passion for sports and sports medicine and plans on going into this field for a career. 

Since the seventh grade, Jemiah knew that she loved sports, but wanted to put it in focus. Sports medicine is the perfect combination, she quickly fell in love and now plans to center the rest of her high school academic career to achieving her goal.  By the end of her high school career, Jemiah would like to have completed the sports medicine pathway and be accepted into a college of her liking.

Jemiah Clemons, Opinions Editor

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Jemiah Clemons