Mysterious time capsule at NC *SHOCKING!!* (not clickbait)


Luis Ponce

The Warriors of the future connect with Warriors of the past with an artifact of NC history. The recently discovered NC time capsule that seemed long forgotten sparked great interest with current NC students. The unknown contents of the box remain a mystery and The Chant will tell you everything you need to know about what is inside. “I love boxing; Rocky Balboa is a lifelong hero. He personally trained me to beat that guy that’s in the boxing game on Wii Sports. So yeah, I’m definitely excited for the NC boxing team, and I’m gonna join the moment registration is up. Wait…what? OHHH you mean like a BOX box,” NC junior Hugh Lykejaz said.

Luis Ponce, Features Editor

The traditional time capsule dates back to 1876, which serves the purpose of preserving the time period for the civilizations of the future. Back in the year 1987, NC staff and students organized an event where students would contribute to the NC Warrior time capsule, which administrators would dig up 33 years later for students attending the school in 2020. 

The event for the burial of this time capsule held great importance at the time, but as the years went on, the faculty forgot about its existence. Until recently, construction workers dug up a patch of land in front of NC’s main entrance for the new sign.

“I was digging a hole, and all of a sudden, I felt something squishy under my shovel. I looked at the thing and it looked like a moist cardboard box. It looked a little suspect and I didn’t want to risk it and open it just in case it was possessed or something, so I gave it to the Principal Matt Moody,” construction worker Bob the Builder said.

A bit confused himself, Principal Moody began to investigate and look through school archives. He found an old article from The Chant about the time capsule ceremony. He passed the box down to The Chant so the staff could continue to look into the mysterious time capsule from three decades ago.

“To be honest I lowkey didn’t want to spend any more time on this than I really needed to, so I just gave it to y’all,” NC Principal Matt Moody said.

After an extensive investigation, The Chant staff found more information about the capsule and even found a few people that organized the original event. After reaching out to them, they provided some interesting insight. 

“I mean we just put stuff in a box and that was it; I don’t know what else to tell you. Um, so like that’s it, please don’t talk to me or my children again; they’re in the car listening to KIDZ BOP and can’t hear me but I will raise my voice. On second thought, I’ll have to talk to your supervisor,” NC alum Karen Smellie said.

The staff thought they would find a treasure chest full of 80s memorabilia within the capsule, but surprisingly, they only found one item inside, A VHS tape. After weeks of scavenging thrift stores and asking relatives, the staff found a VHS player to finally watch the 33-year-old message. 

*Warning* Content might be considered shocking to some audiences.

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