NC’s Math and Science Department Perform in a Battle of the bands


NC’s math and science departments will go head to head in the secret annual battle of the bands showcase in NC’s Performing Arts Center. Bands Science Maniac and 90 Degrees plan on playing their greatest hits showcasing their lead singers’ dynamic vocals and skills on the bass. “We hope we can make it to the finals, winning the golden microphone means everything to us!” NC Honors Algebra 2 and AMDM teacher Fredrick Hybart said.

Hannah Luck, Staff

After a long hard day of teaching Honors Chemistry, AP Calculus and other rigorous classes, NC’s math and science teachers end the school day with guitars in hand ready to rock out to their favorite science and math-related tunes. Since 1959, the school held a secret annual battle of the bands show, showcasing the talented and diverse range of artistry that NC provides. This year the departments decided to test the waters, hosting a performance show to see which department actually rules the school.

Both departments plan on playing their greatest hits to wow this year’s judges, including NC principal Matt Moody. The science department, AKA Science Maniac, will play Rocks Rule” and “DNA Party”, and the math department, AKA 90 degrees, will play “Easy as Pi” and “The Great Divide” in hopes of winning the golden microphone and a $50,000 prize. The competition will take place in the Performing Arts Center. 

“We are extremely excited about this competition. Performing for the principal will be very nerve-racking. Science Maniac needs to get their voice heard. Our new album Periodically will debut after the competition and our world tour will commence over the summer,” Honors Biology teacher Katrina Toledo said.

This year, Science Maniac plans on letting the strong, dynamic vocals of their lead singer Ms. Patel wow the crowd: she will sing along with the upbeat melodies that Tippens and Toledo will provide. Meanwhile, 90 degrees, a classic rock-influenced band, plans on showcasing their raspier math-related songs with a mix of sound similar to the iconic bands such as Queen, Journey and The Eagles. With Mrs. Keith on drums, Ms. Armstrong on piano and new band member Mr. Hybart on bass, the band plans on taking the audience back to rock’s original roots.

“Before, we were just a duo who played for math team competitions, now we play real gigs. If we win the golden microphone and $50,000, our band can finally begin our world tour! Adding in Hybart’s bass guitar to our songs should take us to the finals!” NC Honors Geometry teacher Cim Keith said.

The competition will benefit both of the competing parties, pushing them towards stardom and success within the music and entertainment industry. The band’s performances will display NC’s diverse range of talent and musical presence will entertain the judges and a small group of staff and students.

April Fools, you fool!


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