Coronavirus continues to plague the globe


courtesy of Moscow Times

As coronavirus continues to burden millions with its devastating effects, the world remains under quarantine while attempting to slowly reopen its doors. From practicing social distancing to turning towards alternative methods of communication, citizens try their best to remain connected while in physical separation. The only solution as of now relies on patience and diligence in keeping oneself and other safes to prevent further spread.

Hannah Luck, Staff

As people around the world remain under quarantine, the tragedies of the deadly coronavirus continue to occur in multiple facets of their lives: this includes the closing of local businesses and schools, an overflow of patients in hospitals and clinics, the canceling of countless public events and an ever-rising death toll. With coronavirus’ impact, knowledge of its effects (as well as how to keep oneself safe) becomes imperative in these desperate times. 

In response to the closing of schools nationwide, teachers and students now work together to keep contact with alternative methods of interaction, such as video calls and turning in all assignments digitally; on the other hand, numerous teachers have resorted to using a blog or formal website to post assignments and notes later turned in. In Cobb County and other districts, the grading of assignments (due to issues regarding technology with specific students) now relies on a pass-fail system for grades K-8 an option for students to keep their grades final. With major tests canceled, the College Board which offers AP and SAT, plans on providing at-home testing continuing into the fall.

“Personally, I am able to get my work done faster, which is great. But not being able to see my friends has definitely been difficult,” Florence High School sophomore Honor Froman said.

Looking at the world of medicine and medical treatment, doctors and nurses race against the clock to save lives, deciphering which patients need to stay within their facilities and which should return home. In Georgia specifically, the DPH (Georgia Department of Public Health) announced an extension of coronavirus testing, allowing eligibility for all symptomatic individuals. Health care workers, first responders and law enforcement remain a priority for testing due to possible exposure from patient contact. 

With over 17,000 cases and nearly 700 deaths in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp warned citizens to practice social distancing, wear a mask in stores and public places and to stay home as much as possible to prevent further spread and stop the overwhelming rush of patients in hospitals. On top of Georgia’s climbing death toll, the world as a whole reaches over two million confirmed cases and over 160,000 deaths. 

From the closing of schools and businesses to an overload of patients in the medical field, the virus remains prominent in all facets of daily life. Although the future may look uncertain, while staying home under quarantine, the world will reflect on recent tragedies looking toward the light and bright future ahead.