StarStuff, an Entirely Unique Store


Pictured above, Deb Currans stands behind the front counter of her store, Starstuff, in Downtown Acworth; where she sells jewelry, clothes, and many other unique treasures. The glass case in front of her contains personally wrapped gems, each of which she made beautifully with care.

Hannah Cuthbertson, Reporter

Starstuff, an independent business owned by Deb Currans, found its home in Downtown Acworth, on Lemon Street. From clothes to hippy bags, to artwork, and hand-crafted jewelry, Starstuff sells it all. The quaint shop always smells of incense, and quiet music adds to the calming environment. 

“There is no other Starstuff in existence, everything in this store is part of my past experiences in life. There are little stories behind each and every object. It’s a reflection of who I am. Some pieces are vintage, some are new, you can’t get them anywhere else,” Currans said. 

Starstuff came out of a craft show booth that became a temporary store in Woodstock; when Currans found success with both of those test-runs, she decided to find a permanent home for her business. Currans continues to run a craft show at the Roswell Aurora Cineplex movie theatre, while also managing her business.

“[At craft shows] you set up tables, and you bring out whatever you make, to sell. They are a great way for entrepreneurial start-ups to move forward in order to try your hand at a business,” Currans said. 

Before taking on the craft shows that would eventually become Starstuff, Currans attended school in New York, at Studio Jewelers, to learn everything she could about gems and jewelry-making. While in school, Currans learned to wrap her own gems, creating jewelry that she can now share with the community. The wraps that Currans developed on her own, she keeps a secret, in order to ensure uniqueness in her jewelry. After her schooling at Studio Jewelers, she went on to study gemology at the Gemological Institution of America, while simultaneously employed in their Gemological lab.

“I learned about color stones, I learned all of the science behind them, and I became very picky about the types of stones and what they are. The object of this store is to bring in the best stones that I can possibly find,” Currans said.

When buying wrapped necklaces from Starstuff, each possesses a personal element. Currans creates each necklace with special love and care. Currans knew that she wanted to open this shop long before she went to college, and her passion still burns bright. 

“[Becoming an Entrepreneur] is an excellent opportunity, do something that you love, and then you’ll never work because it’s always fun and exciting. That’s a unique thing, and it’s great to be your own boss,” Currans said. 

Currans urges future entrepreneurs to follow their passions while encouraging them to find something people love, and run with it. She wants students to follow their hearts, and their product will have a personal aspect that cannot compare to anything else. Currans excitedly welcomes future customers; to receive a discount on your purchase, simply mention that you attend NC.