Winning traditions: Upgrades to the NC Football Program


Courtesy of North Cobb Football

The NC Warriors reached the 2020 7A GHSA state round after winning the 7A 3 Region championship, marking a year of hard work and commitment. As a reward and motivating factor for next years’ team, NC introduced several changes, additions, and improvements to the campus and program. One of these improvements include new jerseys schemes. Junior defensive end Joshua Josephs (pictured above) models the grey and white combo, a common combination that fans saw over the course of the 2020 season.

Peyton Stack, Sports Editor

In 1959, the NC Warrior football program clinched their first region championship, setting the tone for future generations to come. Fast forward 61 years and the Warriors added their fifth region title to the school’s history, raising the expectations for next season’s team. In order for the Warriors to compete at a high level game in and game out, they must take the offseason as a time for improvement and changes needed to better the team. In doing so, NC invested money, time, and consideration into upgrading several amenities and programs to better prepare the region champs for the 2021 season. 

Each year this program seems to get better and better. There’s so much more in store for our team, and when we achieve the goals that we set for next season, it will be a direct result of the work that we put in the offseason. The team is truly excited about our future,” junior linebacker Vernard Martin said. 

Starting with the basics, NC took a major upgrade with their website, adding new videos, pictures, tabs, and themes all over the site. They added new tabs for the entire coaching staff, new facilities, the booster club, and even a page for the Warrior Radio Network. Visitors and guests receive a cinematic welcoming and will find everything NC football related. 

Next, the Warriors took time to upgrade their facilities on campus. NC upgraded their weight room, locker room, and field, while also adding a new team room. The team room features orange theater style seats, that allows players to review film and conduct team meetings with the coaching staff during the week. The team’s locker room received new lockers with a generous amount of space for players to get comfortable during halftime of games. The Warriors also upgraded the Astroturf on Emory Sewell stadium’s field, while adding new equipment to the weight room. Players use all of these amenities to improve their personal game, while also building the teams’ morale. 

As mentioned before, the upgrades to NC’s team span the entire program. The locker room, team room, weight room, and stadium all received an upgrade, building on the culture that the Warriors set out to create. With high expectations highlighting the Warriors’ 2021 season, the team hopes to use these upgrades to their advantage.
(Courtesy of North Cobb Football)

NC also took time to alter and add new uniforms to the teams’ repertoire. The Warriors feature seven color combinations of either orange, white, blue and grey. The team also introduced new helmets with S.H.O.C. (Sports Helmet Optical Conversions) visors, which nicely compliment the winning attire. With the proper tools in place for the Warriors to take their game to the next level, the NC Warriors can also compete in style. 

“My man Jonathan Downer spent the day capturing coaches’ headshots, facility pics, and uniform combos for North Cobb. Grateful for him as he did a great job,” Gameday Operations manager and Player Development coach Todd Lollis said. 

Using these amenities to their advantage, the NC football program welcomed the U.S Army WACP to Emory Sewell stadium, as they took April 23 for a day of improvement and team bonding. NC plans to implement these tactics and workouts into future practices as they enter the summer season. 

Following such a successful 2020 season, the NC football program chose to reward their players and coaches with new and improved resources to push them over the edge. Between strong training facilities, a talented roster, exceptional coaching, and hardcore offseason training, the NC Warriors could see great success in the 2021 season.