NC’s Screen on the Green: Graduates edition


Courtesy of Matt Moody and Elyssa Abbott

On Thursday May 7, the graduating class of 2021 gathered once more before their commencement ceremony at the end of the month. Treated with food, activities and a NC towel, the seniors laughed and talked on the field of Emory Sewell Stadium one last time.

Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-chief

Despite missing out on a normal senior year, including prom and other traditional final activities at NC due to COVID-19, staff and students worked hard to honor the class of 2021 in a unique and safe way. Typically Screen on the Green occurs during homecoming week in the fall as an event leading up to the football game on Friday and dance on Saturday, but this year the event did not happen. With the help of the administration and student government here at NC, on Thursday, May 6th seniors celebrated their accomplishments with a movie night on the football field.

The movie shown, College Road Trip, signifies the theme of this Screen on the Green— graduates edition to commemorate the next steps of the graduating class. The event allowed only seniors and provided free admission, as well as free burgers, hot dogs, and snacks. To reward the students and encourage social distancing while on the field, NC gifted a towel marked with orange and blue to each senior. 

“It was so refreshing to be able to finally see my senior class in person again and go back to normal for the first time in forever,” said Magnet senior Katrin Ivanova.

After several rounds of voting, NC utilized this event to announce the winners of the annual senior superlatives, a tradition upheld despite a nontraditional school year. After the superlatives, Mr. Will Hargis received a special spot in the yearbook for a dedication chosen by the class of 2021. As the seniors rejoiced and caught up after many months apart, the movie played in the background. 

“The senior celebration was so much fun, especially to see all of my virtual friends. We all wore t-shirts with our future colleges and just spent time with each other,” said senior Molly Geraci.

With only a few more days of class and a couple of weeks until the seniors officially graduate, they reflect on their time spent at NC and with their friends and teachers. NC will hold a special place in 600 seniors’ hearts as they prepare to depart both the school and the people they met here.