“Get’cha Head In The Game” for “High School Musical”


Callie Kinsinger

Standing Ovation practices after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Excited to perform “High School Musical” in the near future, they work hard to create the best show possible for their audiences. The family created through this production grows stronger every year. “I just love how we all have a really deep connection with each other,” freshman Olivia Doucette said.

Callie Kinsinger, Reporter

NC’s Standing Ovation theater department recently announced they will perform High School Musical” this spring semester, a classic show filled with young love and mean girls. The musical revolves around the star athlete at a fictional high school, Troy Bolton, who falls for  Gabriella Montez, a nerdy new girl. Both of them auditioned for their school’s musical and landed the lead roles, which became an escape from their busy lives. 

NC Students auditioned for the show during the middle of December, and on the last day of 2021, students received their roles. Freshman Olivia Doucette plays Gabriella Montez, one of the main characters, and senior Cheyne Jackson scored the role of Troy Bolton. Despite Jackson’s lack of experience in musical theater, his vocal skills earned him the character. Three days a week, the cast and crew of “High School Musical”  stays after school to rehearsal, and during each rehearsal, the students run through what they learned the weeks before and add on as much as possible from there. The process takes time and effort to complete, but the determined students work hard to make it the best show possible. 

Theater director Candice Corcoran chose “High School Musical” because although old, it remains a popular musical. The movie came out in 2006, so many high school students grew up watching it. Last year, NC did not do a musical because of the COVID-19 pandemic and related struggles, so this year Corcoran wanted to produce a show everyone would love.

The relationships made in the drama department play a major role in creating a successful production. The actors put forth an effort to build strong bonds with one another so they can work to create an enjoyable show. They all strive to make the chemistry between their characters appear real while improving their skills.

“The entire show is complete teamwork from the tech to the actors to the directors. We all really depend on each other in different ways, and we use teamwork throughout the entirety of the production,” lead actress Doucette said.

While learning choreography, singing and dancing skills, drama students improve each day. They also enjoy talking about makeup and costuming behind the scenes. The positivity and supportive environment around the school encourage the actors to put on their best performance.

“The biggest challenge [while rehearsing] is everybody not being at rehearsal because you’re always dealing with students who have conflicts and we have to work around that,” Corcoran said.

Although the show makes progress each day, there still remain challenges that the team faces. To put on a successful show, the students must stick together through thick and thin and trust each other. Although the process of the show involves hours on end of work, the actors willingly put in effort in order to present the perfect show.

“There are really lifelong friendships in this group and I think that may be the best part,” Doucette said. 

NC’s production of “High School Musical” comes to life on stage this spring on March 24, 25 and 26. Students viewing posters around the school wait in anticipation for the performance, making the actors even more excited. 

“It’s so much fun getting to watch my friends do what they love on stage,” freshman Annabel Steinle said.