Four fashion trends for 2022


Jacey Cuffie

The fashion industry influences styles worn every day. With more people coming out of quarantine, wanting to elevate style occupies a top priority for various individuals. Stores and boutiques sell clothes based on articles of clothing popular on the runway. Popular brands inspire people around the world to want to look like the models they have wearing fashionable clothing. Students in schools compete for the title ‘best dressed’.

Jacey Cuffie, Reporter

The global pandemic holds influence over the way society views fashion. As the world opens back up, sweatpants must vanish and humanity should celebrate going back to in-person interactions with bold fashion choices. It may seem like a daunting task to incorporate looks straight from the runway into everyday fashion; however, in all likelihood, most of these items hide in your closet. With mixing and matching, you will look like a model from the cover of Vogue. Using these four fashion trends will change your style and help you dominate the new year.

Number one: low rise jeans. These jeans returned since their time in the early 2000s. At the beginning of the jeans era, talk about body shaming took place. The opinion came about that only skinny and young people could pull these off. Lowrise jeans have since redeemed themselves with the help of plus-sized models on the runway by the brands Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano

“I’m most excited for low-rise jeans. I think the others are cute but low-rise jeans, when you pair them with the right outfit, they look so good. I’ve seen people all over social media with them and they look so good. I’m honestly a little scared to try them because I don’t know how they’ll look on me, but I’m willing to try,” sophomore Lacy Partin said.

Campaigns about body positivity help people wear these jeans with confidence. Low-rise jeans, paired with crop tops and knit sweaters, will help you to stand out. Make sure to add these to your jean drawer. Shop for affordable low-rise jeans on websites such as Shein, AliExpress and EMMIOL.

Number two: jean jackets. Continuing with the denim theme, this jacket carries its comeback after first worn in the 1880s. This time around, denim jackets exist in all types of colors and even with fur. Brands such as Givenchy, Ganni, and R13 show society how to reinvent this jacket into something more modern and chic. Choose a darker jean jacket for a more formal look and a brighter jacket for a more fun look. Rue21 and American Eagle carry the best jackets. With spring right around the corner, everyone must purchase one of these jackets.

   Number three: handheld purses. Pictures from the New York runway show handheld purses paired with several outfits. However; these purses prevail the opposite of regular. Images show woven baskets with flowers, beach bags and even knitted shopping bags used as purses. Handbags made a creative return since becoming popular in 2015. For extra pizzazz with your outfits add a unique handbag. Do not hesitate to venture out and try something audacious. 

“I’m excited for purses to come back in style. Purses are cute, fashionable and trendy. Purses are easy to style and convenient to own. I think purses will stay in style because they are so cute. A lot of girls use them daily for work and everyday life. I’m just very excited for purses to come back in style,” sophomore Anniston Lollis said. 

Number four: french berets. From the early 1500s to the late 1600s, the poorest French class wore berets. In the 1800s, things took a turn when the leader of the Carlists, Tomas Zumalacarregui appeared wearing a bright red beret. From then on, berets slowly intertwined with fashion around the world. Berets transpire from materials such as leather, vinyl, mohair and velvet. The Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2022 collections show model Kristy Sparow wearing a jade green beret with a matching vest and purse. Shop Village Hat Shop for authentic berets. Time to put the beanies away, because berets command the stage.

The year 2021 taught the world countless lessons. As society moves forward in the fashion industry, trying new tactics will benefit everyone. Remember to live adventurously and always take delight in life.