Top 5 Young Adult Comedies


Emilio Medina

Adult comedies have diminished since the early 2010s. Sequels were released shortly after original films but nothing stood up to the popularity of the previous adult comedies. The raunchy theme present in these movies helps this genre entertain its audience. These films serve as a product of their time and sit higher than other films in a way other genres fail to replicate.

Emilio Medina and Peyton Stack

 The early 2000s to early 2010s brought raunchy classics to the entertainment business adored by pre-teens and middle-aged dads alike. These movies received a cult following for their crude humor, compelling writing and ability to captivate the audience in a comical setting. Out of these types of movies, five films stand out from the rest.


“Pineapple Express”

Starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, this classic comedy released in 2008 revolve around a marijuana user and his supplier, as they find themselves in the middle of a crosstown drug war. Saul Silver, an underachieving stoner, tries to befriend Dale Denton, a process server, who consistently rejects the attempts Silver makes. After Denton witnesses a murder and creates his own target on his back, he quickly rushes back to Silver and the pair embark on an outrageous chain of events that involves the two biggest gangs in town. Following flying bullets, passionate housefires, and violent car crashes, the story ends with the duo as close as ever before. 


“21 Jump Street”

Featuring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill,  the film succeeds a 1987s show brandishing the same name and premise of young undercover police officers. Stereotypical nerd, Schmidt, and stereotypical jock, Jenko, befriend each other at the police academy seven years after butting heads in high school. The two excel at each other’s weaknesses making them the perfect dynamic duo, but could not handle a drug bust on park patrol. As a punishment from their police chief, they transfer to an undercover unit to infiltrate a high school that serves as territory for a death-dealing drug ring. After relieving and confronting their teenage years, losing sight of the main goal and chicken explosions, Schmidt and Jenko learn what it means to support their partner-in-law.



A film about a pair of best friends and their nerdy tag-a-long that face the challenge of graduating from high school and heading to college. Played by Jonah Hill, Micheal Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the three embark on a quest to get alcohol for a party to impress their crushes. After a harrowing journey, they face their biggest fears about graduation and the future their friendship holds beyond high school.

“I think they’re popular because of how social media turned them into such iconic moments, like how Vine did to ‘my name Jeff’. What really stands out to me are ‘21 Jump Street’ and ‘Superbad’ because those have something really funny about them and they add more original funny ideas than some other adult comedies. I have seen other movies that are definitely inspired from those and do not do it justice, so I don’t think I would watch another of those again, and if I do it would have some other interesting concepts,” said Junior Alan Vargas.


“American Pie”

Five small-town friends venture into the second half of senior year, looking to make the most of their last few months in high school. Jim Levenstein, Oz Ostreicher, Steve Stifler, Paul Finch and Kevin Meyers collectively experience the most embarrassing, rewarding, and wholesome moments of their life that most teenage boys can relate to, including masculine feuds, encounters with women and rocky relationships. After each friend finds their date for their senior prom and plans their magical night, multiple events quickly head south, leaving the audience filled with high levels of doubt. Ultimately, each member of the group fulfills a former pact that drives the plot of the movie.


“Project X”

Three high school seniors decide to throw the wildest party ever in honor of one member’s birthday. Costa, Thomas, and JB, who fall under the “nerd” social hierarchy in high school, tell their entire school about the party they plan after Thomas’ parents go out of town for the weekend. As the night continues on, Costa consistently fends off angry neighbors, the police and dangerous situations. Eventually, the party escalates to a new level and brings lawsuits and trouble to Thomas, who later shows his parents the aftermath. 

These classic comedies should stick around for a while as the new generation of young adults replaces those who comprised the first twenty years of the 2000s. Though greatly different time periods and cultures, the lessons learned and presented in each movie could easily translate to any and every audience.