Shopping trends for 2022: where and how to shop


Jasmina Buranich

Clothing stands as a form of self-expression and aids in self-love and confidence. When people dress in a way they feel comfortable, they also feel confident and their mood increases. Luckily, society has improved upon ways and places to shop to adhere to the several fashion styles that generations popularize.

Jasmina Buranich, Reporter

As new fashion trends rise in popularity, so do new places and methods to shop. Teenagers sought out new ways to dress during the pandemic and forced companies into keeping up with desired fashion trends. Several companies changed their prices and styles to fit the overall theme of this generation’s fashion including crop tops, graphic tees, ripped mom jeans and more. 

Online shopping took prominence recently because of its simplicity and convenience. People enjoy ordering items without needing to leave the comfort of their own homes, knowing they will receive them in the mail in one to two weeks. Numerous stores offer online sales and online-only items to persuade customers to shop on their websites. Several fast fashion stores picked up steam when people could not shop in person due to the lockdowns.

“I prefer to shop online because I buy clothes in my room while laying in my bed.  Online shopping is more time convenient for me, so I choose online shopping for sure. For me, Fashion Nova is a great start, and they are very up-to-date on trends. Fashion nova has styles and clothes for all body types. Their clothes are cute and they usually have a lot of sales with fast shipping,” sophomore Savannah Hise said.

SHEIN, a Chinese-owned fashion retail site gained popularity during the pandemic due to its low prices and trendy clothes. Tiktok played a role in boosting SHEIN’s popularity by promoting outfits purchased from the shop, and creators even provided referral codes for discounted purchases. SHEIN takes nobility for their low-price items and high discount percentages which appeal to young teenagers, and people interested in fashion for a low price. The retailer offers several departments extending from swim apparel to toys for beloved pets.  

Similarly, low prices aided second-hand clothing stores and thrift stores to flourish during the pandemic. Several studies mentioned that 33 million people bought clothes from thrift stores for the first time in 2020. Thrift stores originally gained popularity in the 19th century when companies started mass-producing clothes, and people bought more than they wore. The clothes in secondhand stores generally hold a vintage look, which stood as appealing to young generations. Several TikTok trends and fashion styles encouraged adolescents to thrift because of the possible items they would find. 

As multiple fashion trends arise concurrently, people can not find all their clothing items in just one store. Outlet malls offer bargains and name brand designs for an extremely affordable price. They provide several stores and contain a variety of clothing ranging from ripped jeans to blouses for work. Outlets stand as a place to shop, eat and even spend the day during vacations.  

“I like shopping in person because I like to try on the clothes and see them in person to make sure they fit me, and honestly just to make sure I like them. I like malls because of the variety of stores, especially with shoes and clothes. I enjoy getting food and spending the day at the mall with my friends. It also makes returning clothes much easier, and it’s not as complicated as shopping online,” junior Symone Thomas said.

Small business owners started to promote their enterprises on social media, and even though their prices seem costly, customers love knowing their money contributes to a growing business. Small business owners created impressive websites with products such as jewelry and custom designs. Numerous people buy the majority of their clothes from their local small business or even from their peers in high school.

“Clothing is a fun way to make each day interesting. When I wake up in the morning I pick out my clothes and I am excited to see what I am going to wear each day. It is a really nice way to express not only my personality but also how I feel that day. While shopping, I always look for clothes that I know will definitely reflect my personality and the style I have,” sophomore Ryan Lacey said.