Downtown Acworth appeals to all


Callie Kinsinger

Business opportunities in downtown Acworth allow various entrepreneurs to create their brands and new enterprise. Since Acworth stands as a popular area fairly close to Atlanta, larger numbers of attractions keep all places in business. “Before I had opened a storefront, I was selling at both juried and non-juried craft events for many years. Star Stuff has been open now for three years in Acworth, and it has been a great experience to share my handmade jewelry and crafts with the community,” Star Stuff owner Deb Currans said.

Callie Kinsinger, Reporter

Downtown Acworth features numerous local businesses and provides various activities, appealing to all sorts of people. The town’s diversity and charm bring people from all over to experience the wonders of the area. The people that visit the area support the companies and express their interest in the history of the area.

The variety of shops provides customers with all the items they desire. Boutiques, florists, bookstores and antique stores fill the stores lining Main Street. The customers majorly influence the area by buying the one-of-a-kind, handmade items found in the shops. 

“We hope to provide a friendly face for guests to bring their families and visitors whenever they come to town. People who are new to Acworth are welcome to step in, view our local event calendar, pick up a map and a picnic for their visit to the parks,” owner of Picnic Market and Mercantile Danielle Hilderbrand said.

 The area of Acworth includes several historic exhibits such as old homes and religious structures. Structures existed in this area for many centuries: For example, the Liberty Hill cemetery’s oldest grave dates back to 1847. Visitors enjoy learning about the history of Acworth and what the area looked like in the previous centuries. Enjoying the historic area makes people feel more connected to and interested in their surroundings.

Hiking, sports events and other outdoor activities also fill downtown Acworth. This provides a wide range of activities for people with all kinds of different interests. Neighboring the town, Lake Acworth includes a beach and a host of water activities. Numerous parks fill the area, spreading out all the outdoor activities that appeal to all age ranges, from young children to the elderly.

“The experiences in Downtown Acworth are amazing because of the historical buildings which add to the nice environment of the area, making it more enjoyable. It makes shops and restaurants and parks more interesting to be at because it’s so unique,” freshman Josephine Green said.

Various eateries like cafes, restaurants and coffee shops also allow visitors to stay local throughout the entirety of their visits. These dining opportunities serve both full meals and sweet treats with a diversity of drinks, fulfilling all eating preferences. The variety of cuisine appeals to any group of people wanting a quality and tasty meal.

The community of downtown Acworth hosts festivals and big events that support various businesses and services. The advertised events attract people from out of town to enjoy the town’s charm, food and music. Events like Taste of Acworth and classic car cruises feature items for all kinds of people.

All of the business owners in downtown Acworth enjoy greeting new and returning customers each day. Friendly faces fill the community, making it a welcoming place that people want to experience. Each and every entrepreneur designs products for their target audiences and makes sure their customers become satisfied with quality items.

“Star Stuff is a gift shop with a variety of handmade jewelry items and carefully chosen gifts that appeal to a very large age group, and as a result, it is fantastic to watch everyone come in and explore the tiny store. Just about everyone leaves the store with a smile, many of which return and bring friends. So I enjoy their happiness when they come into the store! We have a wonderful group of customers that truly do enjoy visiting Star Stuff,” owner Deb Currans said.

The historic and opportunity-filled area of downtown Acworth stands on a loving and strong community. Anyone looking for a day full of fun activities and nonstop events can look to downtown Acworth.