Warrior Perspectives: Are Black Friday sales worth the hassle?


Sydney Dyke

The day after Thanksgiving at approximately 12 a.m., prices drop and the citizens come out to shop. Black Friday is a day to flaunt around as many shopping bags as possible, showing off all the money you did not have to spend. Senior Melissa Kelsey is one of the many from North Cobb who participate in this chaotic event. “Black Friday shopping is kind of scary but also a lot of fun,” she commented.

Sophia Mapua, Reporter

On November 28, millions of Americans will scurry to their nearest Best Buy, Target, and Walmart to score the best deals. Unfortunately, clearances can carry the accompaniment of rude customers, injuries, and even death. The Chant surveyed NC’s Warriors, asking them if Black Friday shopping lives up to par with the hype.

“I understand that things are less expensive, but you shouldn’t kill someone over an iPod. There’s always people that will sell it on the internet the next day. People are kind of crazy,” said freshman Jenifer Loving.

While the prices become cheaper, the shopping environment becomes bloodier. According to the Black Friday death count, seven shoppers have died and ninety people became injured because of scuffles for merchandise. Two years ago, one woman bit a man’s hand to seize the last smartphone at a Wal-Mart in Moultrie, GA.

“Usually deals aren’t good enough to risk being injured. I went shopping for video games last year and I grabbed the last one for twenty dollars. It was the last one on the shelf and some lady wanted it too, so she elbowed me and punched me in the arm. I collapsed to the ground and I had a bad bruise. I didn’t even get the video game,” said junior Christina Viviona.

While some people will wake up as early as 3 AM on Friday to purchase an Xbox One or a flat-screen TV, others will devote their shopping efforts on Thanksgiving Day. Some will even stand in 30 degree temperatures overnight to secure their first-in-line position, waiting for 20 total hours.

“I probably wouldn’t wait in line that early to go Black Friday shopping. I value sleeping over saving a couple of dollars,” said senior Madison Johnson.

While some people deem waiting in line unworthy, others point out the exceptions: “In the context of our deteriorating capitalist nation, it’s perfectly fine because these are deals that you may never get again. It could also be an opportunity to get all the desirables you want without breaking the bank and anyways, who really values Thanksgiving anymore? It’s okay to leave the house after Thanksgiving dinner to get something, but waiting hours outside a store is just crazy,” said senior Travis Onyima.