The Chant

Students impatiently stare at the clock as they wait for the 3:30 bell to ring, marking the beginning of Thanksgiving break. Students finish final tests, eat food, and hand out turkey grams. “I am super excited! I am going to the beach with my best friend for the week and I am just ready for a nice, relaxing break from school,” Senior Tess Williams said.

Ready for the break!

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager
November 16, 2018
To start off the Thanksgiving break, the language classes threw parties in their classrooms, celebrating with authentic foods of the culture that the students learn about. Mr. Yamamoto’s Chinese class ate noodles while Mrs. Fair’s Spanish class ate tacos. “I’m excited to experience Hispanic food, and to eat as much of it as I can,” junior Leann Lam said.

NC gobbles early

Natalia Duron
November 17, 2017
Laughing hysterically, juniors Sara Moeller, Alison Goddard, Savannah Markham, Anna Coleman, and Jordan Pickett reconnect after the week-long Thanksgiving Break. “I’m not happy to be back at school but I’m really happy to see my friends,” said Savannah Markham.

Back from break

December 1, 2014
“I’m playing a friendly football game with my church, sleeping, and hopefully catching up on homework,” junior David Escobar said.

What are you doing over the Thanksgiving break?

Fatima Elfakahany, Reporter, Photographer
November 21, 2014
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Thanksgiving break