Miss North Cobb commits to UGA


Erinn Gardner, Annisha Brown and 1000logos.net

After five months of anxiously awaiting the University of Georgia’s (UGA) acceptance decision, magnet senior Annisha Brown could finally lift a weight off of her shoulder once the distinguished university admitted her. Her outstanding academic achievement and impressive resume grabbed the attention of UGA’s selective admission staff. Not only did this stand as a colossal accomplishment for Brown, but also garnered admiration from her friends and family who held the privilege of standing alongside her through her journey.

Erinn Gardner, Editor in Chief

An innumerable amount of students’ lives changed forever Friday, March 17. The competition when applying to University of Georgia (UGA) remains highly stiff, but the acceptance rate stands fairly low. With a total of 43,700 high school students in the applicant pool, and only 15,340 of them receiving a letter of acceptance, Georgia residents in particular see it as an incredible accomplishment for UGA to welcome them into the Bulldog community. With UGA as her dream school since the age of nine, magnet senior Annisha Brown—better known as Miss. North Cobb— anxiously opened the decision letter envelope via email, and received life-changing news she had wanted to hear since the fourth grade. 

“My first memory of UGA was going to my sister’s orientation. Seeing how happy and excited everyone has created a really positive vibe that I still remember to this day. When it came to deciding what schools I was interested in, I knew there was only one option. Leading up to decision day, my anxiety was at an all-time high. I had been having dreams revolving around UGA all week leading up to it. That morning, a close friend of mine took me to breakfast to help calm my nerves, but my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t eat that day,” Brown said. 

Brown intends to major in Biomedical Psychology on the Pre-Vet Track, as she holds a sincere passion for working with animals. She currently works at “Cat Care Hospital”, and wishes to further her knowledge in the field during her four years at UGA. Not only can she continue her education fairly close to home, but the College of Veterinary Medicine ranks in the top 10 best Veterinary schools in the country. 

While Brown makes it look easy, success does not frequently come without hard work and dedication. Before attending NC and joining the magnet program freshman year, Brown involved herself in a slew of clubs in middle school, while also taking on leadership roles and remaining academically prosperous; this inevitably prepared her for high school. Similar to UGA, she knew she wanted to attend NC’s magnet program years prior to enrolling, as she felt that the opportunities and rigor would shape her into an exceedingly outspoken, confident and intellectual human being; her hypotheses stood correct. Fast forward four years, Brown currently serves as the president of the Black Student Union, a devoted student council officer, a star athlete and cheerleader, an honor student and an active Beta Club member. Although several would consider her a natural-born leader and intelligent by chance, Brown has endured countless trials and tribulations but persevered through determination and assiduousness. 

“I’ve known Annisha for a while during her time at NC, she definitely became one of my favorite students. I first noticed how hard she worked in class, she had Computer Science, which was new to her. She was frustrated at first, but what I found was that she asked a lot of questions, always tried to do the best she possibly could and I could tell she was not one who liked to perform poorly at all, she wanted to succeed at everything,” AP Computer Science teacher and football coach Matt Tener said. 

Even though NC does not want to see her leave, the community wishes Brown nothing but success as she matriculates into UGA. Her diligent and enthusiastic nature will make a lasting mark on NC that everyone will certainly remember. 

“I am very excited about the overall environment of UGA. The people there are so nice and have never been anything but kind to me. So many current UGA students have reached out to congratulate me, offering advice and answers to any of my questions. I am excited to start the next chapter of my life at a place filled with people who want to see the best in me,” Brown said.