NFL Super Bowl: Sports commentator roundtable makes final predictions

It all comes down to the Super Bowl. So far the experts have been spot on, but Andrew is the only perfect one left. Will he sustain his perfection?

Emmett (5-1): This will be a deadly matchup. The best defense versus the best offense. What more could you ask for? Since both teams have proved to earn a spot in the biggest game of the year, it will come down to experience. This will be Tom Brady’s sixth Super Bowl appearance, and Russell Wilson’s second. Seattle is desperate to duplicate last year’s performance, but the Pats will not let that happen. Wilson might be able to tame Peyton, but Tom will never let this young team get ahold of him.

PREDICTION: Patriots 24, Seahawks 14

MVP: LeGarrette Blount

humangoalpostMelissa Hines

Cameron (4-2): New England’s Darrelle Revis-led secondary will deflate Seattle’s already meager passing game, while the terrific connection of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will combine for two touchdowns, resulting in Brady’s fourth ring.

PREDICTION: Patriots 26, Seahawks 16

MVP: Rob Gronkowski

Adam (4-2): Last year, the best offense faced off against the best defense in an ultra-hyped game that ended in Seattle blowing out the Broncos from the start. This year, the teams are more balanced and it calls for a closer affair. However, certain similarities remain. Kam Chancellor will shut down Gronkowski and Russell Wilson will manage the game efficiently, leading to the first repeat Super Bowl champs since–you guessed it: the Patriots.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 27, Patriots 20

MVP: Marshawn Lynch

downsethutMelissa Hines

Andrew (6-0): I’m undefeated to this point but without a win this week my picks will be meaningless. In every decade of the Super Bowl era, a Super Bowl champion came back the next year and repeated. In the 2010’s, that team will be the Seattle Seahawks. New England, surrounded by distractions, will not be able to contain Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. The tandem will march all over the Patriots defense, running the ball, setting up play action, and extending plays down field. Brady, however will not go down easy and will fight to keep his team in the game. But the clutch Seattle defense will come up with a game-winning play in the fourth quarter.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 24, Patriots 20

MVP: Russell Wilson


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