Boy Meets Girl’s clever play on words and supreme acting charms audiences


Alex O'Brien

Young characters Sam and Katie (portrayed by seniors Jessica Sloan and Matt Long), meet for the first time on a bench during recess. Katie and Sam get to know each other by sharing life stories and funny experiences, creating a tight relationship.

Kayley Rapp, News editor

Drama Club performed Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story in the Black Box theatre, delighting audiences with humor and romance from January 28th to 31th.

Boy Meets Girl tells the story of kindergarteners Katie (played by Jessica Sloan and Anabel Prince) and Sam (played by Matt Long and Jordan Warren) as they navigate through their first relationship with each other. Despite its short length, each moment of the play brings a smile to the audience’s face.

Boy Meets Girl was definitely a fun show that day. The cast worked very well together. I’m so glad I was lucky enough to work with everyone that was apart of that show,” Long said.

Sam engages in his first phone conversation with his new girlfriend, and nervously asks her to go with him to their friend's party.
Alex O’Brien
Sam engages in his first phone conversation with his new girlfriend, and nervously asks her to go with him to their friend’s party.

All of Boy Meets Girl’s actors performed their representative parts extremely well. The show included two separate casts to perform on different nights in order to include more people. Each set of actors  brought something unique to Katie and Sam’s characters. While a few mistakes happened during the performances, they remained mostly technical and not unusual considering the short month they had to rehearse.

“The play was very fun. It was very different from other shows I’ve done. It was my first chance to have a lead role, so I was a little nervous. Then again, I was kind of nervous to begin with. I think it went pretty well. We missed a few lines, but I think Jordan and I played it off pretty well. We molded the script to fix what we missed, so the audience remained clueless to the mistakes,” Sloan said about her performance.

One of the best parts of Boy Meets Girls is its clever play on words. At the beginning  of the play, Sam and Katie “nap together” and talk about their jobs. The play cleverly places normally adult situations in a kindergartner’s world. This adds a certain charm to the show.

Overall, NC’s drama department presented a heartwarming and well-performed comedy that reminds its audience of a simpler time in all our lives.