The Chant

With opening night in only a matter of hours, NC Standing Ovation anxiously awaits to open the doors and showcase Shrek the Musical. The cast will sell tickets at the door for $10, and they anticipate them to sell out fast. Other show dates include Friday, April 26 (7 p.m.)and Saturday, April 27 (7 p.m. and 3 p.m.). 
“The show is going to be really great. Everyone has put in a lot of work, and I can’t wait to watch it all come together with the audience,” sophomore Kai Morgan said.

See you at the swamp!

Jayden Stabler, Sports Editor
April 25, 2019
Shrek’s hut, used for the NC Theatre Department’s upcoming performance of Shrek The Musical, lays in the back of the stage. As the main set for the play, the majority of the student performers will play out their roles around this locale. First performed in 2008, seven years after the animated movie released, Shrek The Musical retells the events of the film (and the 1990 book it adapts), but with additional backstory for Shrek and Fiona. The NC production will essentially serve as a retelling of the original, with no notable difference.

Shrek sighting at NC!

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Photographer and Reporter
April 19, 2019
NC’s newly built performing arts facility serves as a home to the Fine Arts department’s showcases, and serves as an integral resource for the Drama department’s shows, rehearsals, and club exercises. NC’s new performing arts center plans to make its debut with the first shows of the fall season, including Orchestra’s fall concert and Drama’s Junie B. Jones performance.

Drama season kicks off for the new school year

Erin Davis, Photographer, Videographer
September 7, 2018
This week, drama club members will sell advanced tickets to their play, Hands on a Hard Body. The play details how ten Texans, competing to win a truck by keeping their hands on it for as long as possible, share their lives with competitors through song and dance. The musical runs from October 24 to 26, at seven o'clock each day. Advanced tickets are priced at eight dollars, and will increase to ten dollars at the door.

NC’s Standing Ovation presents…

Erin Grier, Photographer
October 17, 2017
NC’s cast and crew of That’s Not How I Remember It, take a well earned break with only two weeks left until performance night.  After meeting for the past two weeks the cast looks forward to performing. Come see NC’s production of That’s Not How I Remember It February 15 through 17.

Preparing to perform

January 31, 2017
Sophomore Isabella Keaton works on her hair as she prepares to play the part of Norma Henshaw in The Diviners.

NC earns standing ovation at One-Act Play Competition

Kat Shambaugh, Copy editor, Photo editor
November 1, 2016
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