Jack of all trades

Alicia Bush, News Editor-in-Chief, Opinions editor

According to senior Jack Dobkin, Fridays represent the perfect day of productivity and ease. While several students and employees develop slacking habits throughout this day, Dobkin remains motivated and begins his tranquility after completing his tasks: “You have the weekend to look forward to, but you still have school, so you get stuff done during the day,” he said. “It’s a good mix.”

Senior Jack Dobkin has a magnetic personality. He makes others feel more comfortable when communicating with him.
Alicia Bush
Senior Jack Dobkin has a magnetic personality. He makes others feel more comfortable when communicating with him.

In actuality, his description regarding Fridays fits his own character: “a good mix.” Dobkin’s intelligence and dedication perfectly pairs with his charm and sociable personality, creating an ideal student and NC Warrior.

His classmates nominated him for eight senior superlatives including Mr. North Cobb, Best Dressed, Most Intellectual, Most Likely to Change the World, Most Photogenic, Most Spirited, and Most Involved. These nominations reflect his complexity and individuality, as he received more than any other senior.

“I like to think of myself as a very open, tolerant, and respecting kind of person who genuinely cares about other people and their well-being,” Dobkin said.

As a Magnet scholar, he studies within the International Studies program, which provides a focused curriculum for those involved.

He has taken numerous advanced placement (AP) courses, such as Human Geography, World History, and Language & Composition. But those only highlight his favorite courses. He averaged at least four rigorous courses per year, all while attending football games, volleyball games, completing community service hours, and maintaining his friendships.

Even his first AP teacher, Tamara Rankenberg, saw potential during his freshman year: “I have been very impressed from day one with his academic ability, drive, and intelligence,” she said.

Ranked among the top five students, he has a 4.5 grade point average (GPA) and received a 2240 on the SAT. Regardless of his impressive scores, he remains modest and points to his hard work.

With so many nominations for senior superlative, it's hard not to appreciate Jack's ability to be the true definition of "well-rounded."
Alicia Bush
With so many nominations for senior superlative, it’s hard not to appreciate Jack’s ability to be the true definition of “well-rounded.”

“I probably overwork myself in a lot of ways, but that’s just who I am.”

Before and after school hours, Dobkin serves as co-president of National Honors Society, leads a tutoring program for NC students, and sits on the board for Cobb Youth Leadership.

In light of his academic pursuit, he applied to the University of Georgia, Georgetown University, Harvard University, University of Virginia, and George Washington University. Preparing for his political career, he leans toward Georgetown due to its prestige and location: “Besides the fact that it’s politics central, the city itself is just such a cool culture. And all the history and life there, I absolutely love.”

Whether he pursues political journalism or becomes a U.S. Senator, Dobkin’s outstanding character, impressive intellect, and interpersonal skills will contribute to his success. Whether he attends Georgia or Georgetown, his influence will reach great heights and set him upon the highest hills—perhaps, the Capitol.