The Last Man on Earth asks, “What would you do if no one were watching?”


Tarleshia Jean-Pierre

The Chant reporter sophomore Emmett Schindler enjoys solitude. Getting into Phil Miller’s character, Schindler finds himself yelling, “Hello is anyone there?” while running in despair through the field.

Emmett Schindler, Sports editor, Reporter

Imagine doing whatever one pleases with no consequences whatsoever, with no one there to see it. Phil Miller (portrayed by comedy veteran Will Forte) lives that life every day in the town of Tucson, Arizona, as The Last Man on Earth. Even though Phil splurges in activities and does whatever he wants, something seems to be missing on Fox’s newest comedy, airing Sundays at 9:30.

The show informs the audience that the events take place the day after a virus. Phil comes in the picture, driving all across America in an RV to find survivors. After finally visiting all 50 states, he notices he is in fact, the last man on Earth. For the majority of the episode, Phil partakes in crazy activities, like bowling in the street, filling a pool with margaritas, and destroying things right and left.

After complaining about never being able to see a woman ever again, he contemplates suicide, but out of nowhere, Carol (Kristin Schaal) appears. Phil immediately regrets coming in contact with her. Let us just say, Carol happens to be one of those people one does not want to be stuck in a room with. One of the more hysterical scenes in the episode is Phil and Carol driving to get house materials. Phil decides to park in a handicapped spot, but Carol disagrees with his choice. After lots of arguing, Phil ends up crashing through the store and parking inside.

Overall, the first episode of  The Last Man on Earth proved hilarious. All of the ridiculous comedic takes Will Forte performs will capture audiences in fits of giggles and will probably partially make them wish they were in his position.

The only negative aspect of the show thus far seems like plot could grow thin if writers emphasize only Phil and Carol’s relationship. If the show plans to rely on Will Forte’s wacky actions, I can not see it lasting much longer.

I personally enjoyed the show, even though at some points I became bored watching. The direction the plot will take and where the show will end up will keep viewers tuned in at the least.

The Chant’s grade: B-