Magnet open house and International Night combine to captivate prospective students


Fatima Elfakahany

Senior Megan McMillan leads prospective students to the cafeteria: “It was fun. The kids were all nice and seemed interested,” McMillan said.

Anabel Prince, Features editor, Reporter

On Monday, March 16th, NC’s International Studies Magnet Program held their annual Magnet Open House and invited prospective students to visit the campus, meet teachers and administrators, and speak to current students.

The night followed the typical format of an open house, but this time intertwining with first-time event International Night: “Even before International Night had to be canceled due to weather, I had told the students planning it that it would be terrific to incorporate at least part of it into our open house,” Magnet coordinator Mr. Stephenson said. “When the students had to cancel we all agreed to just roll it into open house events.  I can’t think of a better way to display the energy and commitment of our students than through this activity.  I was incredibly proud to have it be the centerpiece of our evening!” The event proved a success, combining new beginnings with old traditions.