The Buck starts here


Alex O'Brien

Principal Bucky Horton discusses his plan for the upcoming school year and the changes that have been made in and around campus.

After the departure from former Principal Dr. Phillip Page, previous Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Bucky Horton takes the helm as NC’s newest leader.

Horton prepared for his new role by working with the Warrior staff and administrators this summer, along with attending specialized training. Before the job offer, he dreamed of a position as principal as administration runs in his family.

“My dad was actually an assistant superintendent years ago in Rockdale County, so I knew I wanted to go into administration. However, I thought that I would wait until both of my kids graduated,” Horton said.

Both of his sons attend NC; senior Jackson plays soccer and junior Will remains the starting kicker on the football team. Horton considered these factors as he decided his next career move.

“I wanted to be here. I was not going to go anywhere else, so I just went for it. Either way, I was going to be at North Cobb. I wanted to be here,” Horton said.

Horton believes NC should continue in its current direction, but there is always room for improvement.

Horton lists the events for the new year and talks about his plan to amp up school spirit during football season.
Alex O’Brien
Horton lists the events for the new year and talks about his plan to amp up school spirit during football season.

“We need to make sure that we maintain all of the great things that we are doing. Whether that be with our Magnet program that is going strong or our CTAE program that got two of its areas industry certified,” said Horton. “We want to maintain our community base and those relationships. There are little things that we want to change, like Tomahawk Today modernizing our announcements, but overall we want to continue that forward progress we have been making.”

While he understands what Page meant to the Warrior Nation, Horton does not foresee any trouble in NC students adjusting to him as their Principal, or vice versa.

“Any time somebody strong leaves a leadership position there will be questions of ‘what’s next?’ You cannot plan to come in and do anything, you just need to be yourself,” said Horton. “A good thing is I was already part of what was going on and already understood the things that we were doing well. If anything, that actually helps the transition, and it should be seamless.”

School spirit remains imperative in Horton’s eyes, as that foundation established NC’s rich traditions and a strong sense of pride over the years. Horton plans on continuing that pattern and keeping morale up around the school.

“I am big on the school spirit. I love it. If we can make it more of a college atmosphere, it would be huge. People do better when they are having fun. Enjoying what you are doing makes you put a greater effort in,” Horton said.

In a year full of transition, Horton does not appear fazed, as he places trust in his school.

“We have fantastic students in the building, a phenomenal faculty, great community support, and everybody has been there trying to help and asking what they can do to make us better, as opposed to trying to create obstacles,” Horton said.