Entrepreneurship club prepares students for success


Emmett Schindler

Junior Ben Hayes presents his case study of Elon Musk to the club. Each member showcases a case study on a specific entrepreneur.

Have dreams of starting a business and becoming a millionaire? Then check out Entrepreneurship Club created by magnet junior Cole Mooney.

Entrepreneurship Club offers presentations of current entrepreneurs and what they did to make their business successful which then turned them wealthy. Observing these people inspires others to not be afraid of any ideas they come up with and anything can turn into something.  

“I’m really interested in it, I’ve always been interested in business. I feel like entrepreneurship is kind of a different venue and offers different opportunities,” Mooney said.

Fliers are posted around NC promoting Entrepreneurship Club and provide helpful information regarding meetings.
Emmett Schindler
Fliers are posted around NC promoting Entrepreneurship Club and provide helpful information regarding meetings.

Each meeting a different member brings in their case study and presents it to the class. The case studies spotlight a successful entrepreneur, such as Nick Woodman, founder of the GoPro, and explains where they started and how their invention turned into a million-dollar product.

In the previous meeting, junior Ben Hayes presented his case study of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Here Hayes discussed Musk’s background and his journey into becoming a success.

“The main thing I wanna do in the club is sponsor the business in Africa. I think that will be really impactful and I really want to make a difference in the world. Even just donating $100 can make a difference,” Mooney said.

Fundraising popped up as the main topic of discussion last meeting and the members continue to brainstorm ideas of how to raise money. Ideas varied from baked goods, cookies from Publix, and stickers.

“The main thing the case studies provide is inspiration. School can be really stressful so when you come to a club like this, it shows you how some people didn’t have the best time in school, but they found something with passion and now they’re billionares. It kinda just shows you that school isn’t everything, although it’s important,” Mooney said.

Entrepreneurship Club meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 in room 3053, Craig Denison’s room. See a flyer around school for more information.