Model United Nations travels to UGA for spring conference


Dylan Kellos

Juniors Dylan Kellos and Shelby Estroff won awards this past weekend at the University of Georgia for Outstanding Delegate, Distinguished Delegate, and Position Paper Award.

Dylan Kellos, Reporter, photographer

Over this past weekend, the NC Model United Nations team visited the University of Georgia’s annual conference as the delegates of the United Kingdom, and special crisis delegates of Jim Dingfelder and Julius Krug. The conference lasted three days from Friday to Sunday, with the delegates returning to school bringing home a variety of awards.

As the delegate from the United Kingdom in the Security Council, Junior Shelby Estroff, came home with two awards, The Position Paper Award as well as Distinguished Delegate Award which stands as the second highest honor. Junior Dylan Kellos also won an award, bringing home the highest honor a student could receive, the Outstanding Delegate Award, for Reagan’s War on Drugs as Jim Dingfelder Coordinator of the South Florida Task Force.

“UGAMUNC is the largest conference that our school Model United Nations team attends,” Estroff says on the importance of the conference.

The UGA conference holds the goto travel conference for NC, where only a few delegates get the chance to compete. Once leaving NC, the delegates drove for an hour to get their hotel in Athens. Preparations for the conference continued while at the Varsity before committee sessions started Friday at 8 PM. The delegates took  a month prior to the conference to develop position papers on what their representative nation or individual believed or stood for.

After prep time, the delegates split up and began their committees until about 10 PM. The next day it became a long haul, starting at 8 AM going all the way to 10:30 PM. Despite the exhausting day, that night the delegates attended The Delegate Social, a big party for everyone to unwind before the last day and closing ceremonies.

On the final day of conference the committees lasted until around noon when all sessions broke up and headed to closing ceremonies. The closing ceremonies took place with all schools represented waiting for their hopeful names to get called to accept their awards. For NC, Junior Dylan Kellos took the stage at the end of the ceremonies while his nose started bleeding to accept the award, drawing lots of reaction from the crowd.

“I was overjoyed when I won my awards. Especially the position paper award because I am not a good writer. AP Lang definitely was my reason for winning that one,” Estroff said.

Although UGA came to an end and the delegates stay safe at home, the next conference for MUN will take place at Kennesaw State University March 25 and 26, where NC will hope to bring home the same, if not more awards, than at UGA.