Everything needed to know about Senior Week


Photo courtesy of Tribal Connections

NC’s Senior Week kicks off next week. For those interested in participating, each theme is presented in this flier.

Adam Kovel, Editor-in Chief

NC begins its annual Senior Week, a celebratory daily event for the 2016 senior class hosted by Tribal Connections, next week, April 25-29.

Senior Week consists of a different theme everyday for participating seniors. The respective themes and days go as followed: Monday’s “Kindergarten Day,” Tuesday’s “Celebrity Day,” Wednesday’s “Hawaiian Day,” Thursday’s “Senior Citizen Day,” and Friday’s “College Rep Day.”

While TC included some new days this year, “Kindergarten,” “Senior Citizen,” and “College Rep Day” stayed consistent with years past. This allows for seniors to reminisce their past and look forward to their future.

“The week starts off with throwing it back to Kindergarten and brings it all the way to the future where we will rep our colleges on Friday,” senior President Jake Byrd said.

The less common days, most notably “Celebrity Day,” allow for seniors to show their personalities and have fun. After careful consideration, Tribal Connections decided on “Celebrity” and “Hawaiian.”

“The seniors of Tribal Connections [have] a GroupMe and we collaborate on senior activities. We each vote on a day and then we organize the themes to correspond with each day of the week,” senior Vice President, Kala Welcher, said.

Some students are already planning their outfits, like senior Noah De Joya.

Senior Week continues its tradition as a staple for seniors. With next week commencing, senior year officially begins its last stretch, continuing with the Senior Carnival, Banquet, and ultimately, graduation.

“This week is one of the last checkpoints in senior year from senior nights in sports, graduation announcements, going out and planning grad parties,” Byrd said.