Chess Club needs new members to thrive


Sabrina Kerns

Mr. Dilbeck enjoys playing chess, and the club’s past success makes him hopeful for the club’s return.

Sabrina Kerns, Photographer

Mr. Dilbeck, ESOL teacher and Chess Club sponsor, needed to disband the Chess Club at North Cobb this semester due to student disinterest, much to his disappointment..

“If more members were to show up, I would be happy to sponsor the club, but for now I have to disband it,” Dilbeck said.

The first semester of last year, students paid little attention to the club, with only one or two members attending the weekly meetings. Then, last semester the few members left fell through, leaving Dilbeck with a room full of empty chairs.

“Chess players tend to be better students, think more logically, become problem solvers, and better deal with the slings and arrows of life,” Dilbeck said.

Players of any level, from beginner to advanced, can see either Mr. Dilbeck in room 2111 in the Freshman Academy or Ms. Wheeler in the media center to ask about bringing back the club. They plan to write down the players’ names and contact them later with more information.

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