New COSIGNO wifi system creates more internet problems


Bahaar Esfahani

As the release of COSIGNO rolls out, students begin to to use its services as their primary WiFi connection during school hours as an alternative to using data, but fail to find reliability with it.

Kat Shambaugh, Photo editor, copy editor

The Cobb County School District debuted a new wireless service system called COSIGNO for use in all Cobb schools in early October, which replaced NC’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network.

Students and faculty log into the network through a username and password that the school provides through Synergy. Visitors can log in using a guest account..

Following a number of complaints over the previous wireless’ relationship with Google and devices in general, the new system aims for more compatibility with student resources.

“It should, in theory, work better for classrooms and students,” Principal Bucky Horton said. “I know students often get in there and they try to save data by being on the wifi but sometimes they struggle doing what the teacher is asking them to do so then they get frustrated. Hopefully the new system will help students work better.”

With the official retirement of the BYOD network, students began to switch their devices over to the COSIGNO network, though the school has made no announcements in favor of it. The initial reaction continues to reflect disappointment in the system and the lack of communication on how it functions.

“I used to rely a lot on the school wifi,” sophomore Hope Kutsche said. “Since I don’t get service in most areas of the school, I’d use the wifi to look things up for class or to listen to music doing work, but the new wifi isn’t working for me. I followed the instructions it told me, applying for access to COSIGNO, but that was last week and it hasn’t sent me anything about how to get into the internet.”

The technology department of the county will continue to update the system as more students switch over.