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Bahaar Esfahani
Bahaar Esfahani is a sophomore in the magnet program at NC, involving herself all around the school.. She participates in drama club and has been a part of lights and sound with the plays here. After previous years of writing her own reviews and articles for pleasure, she decided to join The Chant staff to make her material viewable for more than just her stuffed animals. Despite wanting to be more recognized for her writing, she will also pose as a photographer as she tries to broaden her horizons.

Originally from Chicago, she considers herself a Cubs fan growing up with her older brother, despite not being the biggest activist in sports. Over the summer, she visited her parent’s home country, Iran, for the fifth time in her life. There she took photos of the wonders, realizing that photography could be one of her strongholds.

On her free time, she creates bracelets for her father’s jewelry store and enjoys watching movies and sitcoms, like her favorite, Friends.  When asked what sets Bahaar from others, sophomore Hope Kutsche said “She’s really creative and witty and she’s willing to do things to support others even if she doesn’t get credit for it, like doing tech for shows.”

Her dream is to pursue her journalistic career at Northwestern University and to continue those talents into a more professional level. If her dream fails to come true, she would like to go to school for business as she is into marketing as well.

“If I could describe her in own sentence, Bahaar is very creative and is energetic towards things she’s passionate about,” Kutsche said.

Profile written by Emmett Schindler

Bahaar Esfahani, Reporter, Photographer

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Bahaar Esfahani