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Sam Smith, Reporter

Sam Smith, no, not the singer, is a NCHS magnet senior who joined staff as a reporter this semester. When not writing for The Chant, Sam can be found watching Doctor Who or weird comedies, and will probably have some french fries handy at any moment in time. Smith also enjoys listening to alternative rock in his spare time, and has created his own language. Though he has no definite plans for after high school, graduate school is definitely in his future possibly at schools such as the UGA Honors College and Washington University in St. Louis.

Although Sam finds himself to be quite good at writing, he takes pleasure in learning about social studies, specifically in the field of political science. To challenge himself this upcoming semester, he would really like to write more opinion articles, but instead of writing his opinion, he would like to write opposite of what he thinks. By doing this, Sam believes he will become even more open-minded than he already is, if that’s even possible, and overall become a fantastic opinions journalist. His main goal by writing with The Chant is to express himself through his writing.

In addition to being part of the newspaper staff, Sam is part of the Model UN Club, Poetry Club, and film club- although he can’t choose his favorite, he takes a particular liking to film club. “I love being exposed to new movies i wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and [I enjoy] talking and analyzing them.

One of the main things he has learned throughout his four years at NCHS is that “a lot more people are like you than you think.” He can guarantee that there are people out there that are similar to you. His friend, Joseph Ozmer can confidently boast about his friend in the most positive way possible. “He’s [Sam is] a nice guy and my best friend. He’s really smart and academic and enjoys discussing current events and philosophy.”

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Sam Smith