Snowed in: Activities for inclement weather


Kat Shambaugh

Snow falls in Kennesaw, causing the schools to release early and community members to become stuck in their houses.

Gabby Weaver, Opinions editor

UPDATE: Cobb County has closed schools for January 9, 2017 as well.

The Cobb County School District announced a two hour early dismissal of all Cobb schools on January 6 due to inclement weather. While snow forces community members to stay in their homes, bracing for the boredom of cabin fever poses a problem for most. What to do when the power goes out and the weather does not permit outdoor activities? Buying packs of glow sticks from Dollar Tree and whipping out some cake mix may fix the mundane house-arrest dilemma.

With glow sticks and friends, one can create a glowy wonderland. Bending six different colored glow sticks into circles and laying twelve glow sticks out makes a tic-tac-toe meant for power outages and severe boredom.

In addition to the tic tac toe board, try tying various colored glow sticks to ceiling fan blades and playing music. The end result will resemble a small laser light show for the dark, snowy nights sure to come.

Gabby Weaver

For an easy way to warm up, try baking a cake in a mug. Microwaving traditional cake ingredients in a coffee mug for 50 to 70 seconds creates an at-home miracle. From vanilla cake to coffee cake, and even chocolate fudge cake, the possibilities with butter, sugar, milk, egg, and vanilla extract seem endless.

Gabby Weaver

If laying on the floor and a game of tic tac toe do not satiate the need for entertainment, then find the bottles of bubbles inevitably stowed away in the cabinet. Cut the tops off of glow sticks and pour the contents into the bottles. Turn the lights off and blow bubbles for pure, childlike fun.

Gabby Weaver

Local weather channels predict the snow will continue throughout the weekend.