JV soccer destroys Blue Devils 4-0


Michael Smith

The JV boys celebrated and shook Marietta’s hands after a great 4-0 win for the Warriors.

Michael Smith, Sports Editor

The NC JV boys soccer team defeated the visiting Marietta Blue Devils 4-0 Monday night, thanks in part due to three penalty kicks from inside the box.

The Warriors dominated possession throughout the game, finishing with 27 shots. With some help from a hand ball early in the game, NC earned a free penalty kick from inside the box to push the boys up 1-0 with 19:45 left in the first half. A trip and conversion on the ensuing kick put the Warriors up 2-0 early in the game. The floodgates paused there, however, after a series of lost possessions and sloppy passes limiting the offense’s chances for any luck through much of the rest of the first half.

Coach Justin Buckles called the kicks integral to the team’s success, saying “they completely changed the game, for much of the first half I thought we were a little complacent… they had as many opportunities as we had and without those penalty kicks, it definitely gives them a little pick up, so they were huge.”

After a relaxed start to the pre-game and match, Buckles felt some nerves but complimented his team’s resolve by the end of the shut out, saying “I think we came out a little complacent seeing them back to back, but I’m proud of the way this team steps up from a leadership role and each and every night they know what they have to do and get the job done.”

Michael Smith
The JV forwards try to get a clean shot on goal after a clear from midfield.

After a couple of missed opportunities at the end of the first half dominated by NC control and defined by a lack of Blue Devil attacks, the Warriors came out firing at the goal and holding the ball in the Marietta field to kick off the second half. After a few missed or saved aggressive shots, freshman Aidan “Goldy locks” Walsh set up a beautiful patient assist after a long possession in the box, holding off defenders and setting up a spectacular assist right in front of an empty net.

After some substitutions and playing time for reserves, NC got a chance for its third penalty kick of the game which the Warrior goalkeeper converted to finish the score off at 4-0. When prompted for the reasoning behind letting a goalie try for a penalty kick, Coach Buckles said he “wanted to go through his top five in the event the team has to settle for overtime penalty kicks later in the season.”

The JV boys soccer team have enjoyed an excellent season to this point, losing only one game to Kennesaw Mountain, a game they will look to avenge later in this season.