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Jordan Grubb

Jordan Grubb, Photographer

Jordan Grubb: Photo editor, cotton candy enthusiast, ice cream expert, visual art lover, and memory collector.

While most people think she spends her days napping, Jordan is a naturally skilled multitasker. She has mastered the art of simultaneously scrolling through Tumblr, eating Cheetos, and watching the hit 90’s sit-com Friends. Jordan currently holds a world record with 25 days of pink eye throughout the school year. This both excites and frightens her peers. Jordan has been on staff for 6 semesters. Without The Chant Jordan would not be the same person. This newspaper holds a special place in her heart and stands as a safe haven away from all the the chaos her teenage life ensues. If you know Jordan then you must know Carli Troutman. These teen drama queens are two peas in a pod. If you can’t find Jordan...look for Carli.


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Jordan Grubb