NC suffered a heavy loss against McEachern


Haley Kish

The Varsity football team suffered an incredible loss against McEachern on October 26. The team takes the outcomes from the past game and keeps them in account in order to prepare for the upcoming game against Hillgrove. “It’s [this season] been an awesome experience, but I know we could’ve done better than we did. But [the outcome] is not a representation of how the team plays overall,” Varsity football senior kicker Will Aldridge said.

Haley Kish, Photographer

Warriors faced a heavy defeat against the McEachern Indians, 42-23, losing their spot in the playoffs this season on Friday, October 26. The cold and rainy weather conditions did not stop NC’s student body from coming out to support and cheer on their team from the student section.

“It was disappointing as far as the loss, but I feel like I did everything that I could’ve done to help the team overall,” Varsity football kicker and senior Will Aldridge said.

The first seven minutes of the first quarter consisted of punts and near-touchdowns. Starting off the game strong, at five minutes in, sophomore quarterback Trevor Lovett passed the ball to senior wide receiver Marcus Davis, making this the first touchdown of the game. Before the end of the first quarter, NC took the lead with 7-0.

The second quarter started with a bang as McEachern made a touchdown within the first thirteen seconds, bringing the score to a tie, 7-7. At roughly seven minutes in, McEachern punted the ball to the 40-yard line and Lovett ran down 69 yards, nearly making it to the end zone. NC made the second touchdown as Lovett received the ball, ran to the end zone, and put NC in the lead at 14-7. Almost immediately after, McEachern scored a touchdown and tied the game at 14-14. NC then scored a field goal, putting NC three points ahead of McEachern, bringing the score to 17-14. Unfortunately, kicker Aldridge injured himself while making the goal. NC kept the lead for a few more minutes, but 14 seconds before halftime, McEachern scored a touchdown, propelling them to the lead at 21-17.

The action in the third quarter began at the five-minute mark with a touchdown for McEachern, increasing their lead. An interception made by junior wide receiver Kendall Drake put NC closer to the end zone to make another touchdown. Lovett made NC’s third touchdown, bringing up the score, but still trailing behind McEachern by five points. NC attempted a 2-point conversion, due to injuries sustained by Aldridge, but failed in their efforts, and the third quarter ended with McEachern in the lead, 28-23.

NC did not make a comeback, and McEachern finished the game with two more touchdowns under their belt, making the final score 42-23 Indians. NC will not attend playoffs this year as they needed to win this game in order to do so.

“We started off the season 6-0. The last three games got the best of us, but I always tell my players to finish out the game strong even if the opposing team is in the lead,” Varsity football coach Shane Queen said.

Even though NC will not attend the playoffs this year, the team proudly recognizes their seven wins from the beginning of the season. Students, teachers, and players hope for NC to return to the top next year.