NC bids farewell to seniors and the football season


The NC Varsity football team played their last game of the season against the undefeated team from Hillgrove. NC’s defense prepared to stop Hillgrove from making a first down. “The outcome of the game was a good one because the players left everything they had out on the field,” Coach Donte Sawyer said.

Haley Kish, Photographer

NC faced defeat at the last game of the Varsity football season against the Hillgrove Hawks on Friday, November 2. As NC said goodbye to their seniors, they also said goodbye to a spot in the playoffs.

“It was a good hard season, tough region, but I think we competed hard and the team gave it their all,” Coach Donte Sawyer said.

Before beginning the game, all senior members of the football team, cheerleading squad, ROTC, and marching band walked across the football field as students and parents on the home side cheered uproariously.

The score in the first quarter remained stagnant at 0-0. Both teams made several interceptions, and Hillgrove attempted, but missed a field goal. At nine minutes in, Hillgrove intercepted the ball and nearly made a touchdown, but the Warrior defense did not let NC down and thwarted them. With one minute left in the first quarter, sophomore running back Montrell Jenkins intercepted the ball and almost made his own touchdown, but ran out of time. The first quarter finished just how it started: 0-0.  

Haley Kish
NC stopped Hillgrove’s offense from moving any further, preventing them from making a first down. The Warriors comes together tackling the Hillgrove player with possession.

Action in the second quarter held off for a while as the first touchdown of the game, made by Hillgrove, occured at nine minutes, bringing the score to 7-0 Hawks. The first touchdown did not hinder NC though, as just two minutes later, senior wide receiver Marcus Davis caught the ball and ran straight to the end zone, tying the score at 7-7. With thirty seconds left in the first half, NC tried to jump ahead of Hillgrove by attempting a field goal, but missed by a long shot. The first half of the game ended with the tied score of 7-7.

Eight minutes into the third quarter, sophomore quarterback Trevor Lovett made a touchdown that put NC in the lead. The third quarter ended with a score of 14-7 Warriors.

Hillgrove made a touchdown at six minutes into the fourth quarter, tying the game again at 14-14. With one minute left in the end of the second half, Hillgrove narrowly scored another touchdown making the score 21-14 Hawks, allowing Hillgrove to maintain their winning streak.

Even though NC did not win the game and will not move forward to playoffs, the NC community recognizes the hard work and dedication the Varsity team put in before every game. As the football team says goodbye to their seniors, they also show appreciation for their younger, up-and-coming players.

“I think the young members need to keep their hopes up and prepare well in the off season. Trevor [Lovett] is going to come up next year and stand out, and I feel like that will help the team out next year,” senior kicker Will Aldridge said.